Sunday, December 27, 2015

End of Year Update

We bought a house at the beginning of October and moved in the week of Halloween.  Gavin has tons of room to run and we still have two rooms that are unfurnished (the house has three living/family rooms and we only have furniture in the one with the tv).  One is empty and Gavin just runs and jumps there.  The other one currently holds our Christmas tree and a boatload of toys.  The window sill in that one is the perfect height for Gavin to play at and I should probably clean the finger prints off the window at some point. 

The backyard is not huge, but sufficient, and fenced.  And we have lots of room for guests and in the course of just over a week we housed my cousin, her husband and their son (just older than Gavin!); my brother's family of six; and my parents.  None of those groups at once, but in very quick succession.  Four bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, just down the street from the school where Gavin will most likely attend kindergarten and first grade. 

And as for Gavin, he talks all the time and is forming phrases and can kind of hold a conversation.  He's sleeping in a twin bed now and we took down the crib today.  He had a very mild case of hand foot and mouth virus the week before Christmas and had a day of a stomach bug two days before Christmas.  He loves to yell at our cat Lilly.  "Lilly, down!"  "Lilly, nap!"  "Lilly, eat!" (this last one yelled at her while he held a head of garlic).  My heart melts when he says "Love you mama" or brings a book and sits in my lap.  And he plays with my hair now, which I hope never ends.  While he was sick over the past few weeks I let him nap in my bed and while he napped I read beside him and snoozed myself. 

Speaking of reading, I'm doing more of it.  I usually go to bed soon after Gavin and spend an hour or so reading before I fall asleep.  Which is why I'm slower in updating the blogs.  I'm almost finished with a book about the building of the Hooover Dam and for Christmas I got a new bio of Nelson Rockefeller and the McCullough book about the Wright Brothers.  And that's where I'm headed now. 

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Lempskies said...

Congrats on the new house! Our yard isn't that big either, but when I'm trying to weed all the dandelions out of it, I'm thankful it isn't any bigger.
We just read a book about Hoover Dam too. It's pretty fascinating. The 1st and the last worker to die were father and son & died on the same day. And Roosevelt tried to change the name to "Boulder Dam" to spite Hoover. It's interesting to learn.
That's hilarious that Gavin commands the cat. Cute.