Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dear Gavin

Dear Gavin,

Tonight after dinner at the home of friends, you wanted to go outside to play among the big kids.  You don't yet play with them but you absolutely love being with other kids.  You giggle at their antics and run run run around them.  But you still held my hand.  As we ran down the drive way and then back up the yard you held my hand and if you let go you turned around to  make sure that I was with you. 

I know that I will not always be your #1, nor do I want to be.  But I love that I am a source of comfort to you now.  I love that you say mama and that you run to me at the end of the day.  I love that you reach out for me when you want to get out of your crib or high chair, or if you get hurt.

I want you to grow up to be independent and able to meet your needs on your own.  And I want you to, someday, walk away from me with a wave and go on to college and whatever else your life holds.  But I hope that you'll still turn around to make sure that I'm there in the background somewhere, not so silently rooting you on. 

You are already the embodiment of so many dreams come true and we're not even a year and a half into this relationship.  You're a wonderful little boy and it will be my pleasure to see you grow into a wonderful man, and maybe even to help you become that. 

But for now, please keep holding my hand and looking to make sure that I'm right there behind you.  I love you with a love that I couldn't imagine 18 months ago and I am so excited for all that we have ahead of us. 

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Lempskies said...

So sweet!
I love reading your adoption story as well as the story of Gavin's life as it unfolds.
I can tell you are a FABULOUS mother.