Sunday, August 16, 2015


I recently heard an interview with a writer (Matthew Dicks) who said that at the end of each day he writes down a brief story from his day.  He said that this helps him keep better memories of his daily goings on.  I've been thinking a lot lately about how quickly these days with a toddling, babbling Gavin are going.  This is the only summer when he'll be a brand new walker.  By this time next year he'll be even more independent and speaking in phrases/sentences.  And while I'm excited for all that is coming I'm more than a little sad that we'll never have this stage of Gavin again.  Couple that with the fact that he very well may be our only child and I want to grab hold of these moments and cherish them, or at least the good ones, which are the majority.  I won't share everything here, because like so many of the pictures we take and even more of the times that we don't photograph, there are so many moments that are only for us.  

So here's my first brief story...

Gavin talks a lot and I love it.  He mostly just repeats what we say but every day he has more and more words that he says on his own.  In the morning as soon as I get him dressed he's running to the door and asking to go for a "walk."  So almost every morning he and I go for a morning walk, during which he talks up a storm.  Some of it is just babble but he also talks quite a bit about "trucks" and "birds."  He talks when we're in the car and when he's playing alone with his toys and he talks when he's falling asleep and when he's waking up in the morning.  He talks when he has a book open on his lap.  The best thing in the world might be when our kid learns something new and shows us that it's possible to get excited about things that seem rather mundane to me.  So I'm off to be so I can be ready early enough tomorrow for a Monday morning walk with my son.   

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