Sunday, June 07, 2015

A little update

Things got kind of busy for the Forbes in October and November.  At the end of September Stewart spent a couple days in Idaho interviewing for a job with the federal government.  When he applied for the job in July we never expected him to get an interview and when he got an interview we didn't expect him to get an offer and even if he did we didn't expect him to get an offer good enough to entice us to Idaho.  So it kind of feels like a series of dares that led to us leaving a life we loved in Buffalo for Idaho Falls, ID.  Our last day of work in Buffalo was November 6.  We first traveled east to visit Stewart's family and say goodbye (again) to old friends. 
 On our way out of town we picked up Stewart's sister Rachel so we'd have a third driver and someone to help us keep Gavin entertained on the drive.  Then we stopped back in Buffalo to finish cleaning and pick up our cats and start the drive across the country.  We had three adults, a teething baby and two house cats in our Ford Escape.  Everybody was a champ for the drive.  Gavin slept a lot. 
 We listened to all the available episodes of the Serial podcast, lot of music and other podcasts and tried not to go stir crazy.  Because of timing we weren't able to take our time.  On that first day we left Albany around 5pm, then we left Buffalo around midnight, and we arrived in Kansas City, KS around 8pm local time to stay with some old friends.  We caught up with them and slept for most of the night.  They hadn't yet met Gavin and we hadn't met their second, third and fourth children so a visit was probably a bit late.  I think the last time we saw them was 2008 when we met up at Disneyworld.  Jen was an amazing source of support through our whole adoption, partly because they had been through it themselves, and partly because she's just a genuinely good person.  Seriously, I have not right to be in her circle of friends, but again, she's a really good person.   
Gavin slept more the next day and missed seeing more of this great country.  Fortunately he'll probably get to experience at least one more cross country move in his childhood.  Our second day of driving was a bit easier.  We made it to the Denver area to stay the night with a couple (now family) that we knew while we lived in Albany.  They adopted a little boy about seven months before Gavin was born so I wanted to see them so we could meet each others' babies and share adoption stories.  
Our last big day of driving was the easiest, going from Denver to Orem, UT.  Except for the part near Vail where we almost drove off the road due to icy conditions and being a little tired.  Gavin woke up that morning around 4am and needed a bath due to a blow out.  The three of us never made it back to sleep.  Poor guy really put up with a lot.  I did the last leg of the drive that day, through Spanish Fork canyon in slight rain/snow/hail/whatever and after dark without being familiar with the roads.  It was more than a little scarey at times but we made it to my sister's house in Orem.  She and her family were gone so were able to go to bed a bit earlier that night.  Gavin had another rough night, partly due to teething and partly due to his whole life and routine being disrupted. 

The next morning, Saturday, we dropped Rachel at the airport so she could get home and then the three of us finished the drive to Idaho.  We hadn't found a place to live yet since we didn't know the area at all so we stayed with my brother in Rexburg until we found a townhouse close to Stewart's office.  Having a brother and sister within half an hour of our new home has been a joy beyond what I imagined.  Gavin absolutely loves other kids and these kids pay a lot of attention to him so he adores them.  
To be fair, the adults also dote on him so if possible he's even more spoiled here than he was before. 

Since then we've made it through our first Idaho winter (there were some really cold parts but February was super mild), gotten to know the town well enough to be ready to look for a house to buy later this year, explored a lot of the area both near and far and just basically started developing a love for Idaho that I didn't think we'd achieve even after living here for years.  We've made repeated trips to Yellowstone (where we saw bears on Gavin's first time in the part) and been to Jackson Hole once.  We spend Memorial Day weekend in Montana and have been to Utah about once a month.  Stewart went snowshoeing a few times in the winter and we have both been running and hiking more this summer than last. 

Stewart loves his job and it opens so many doors for the future.  For those reasons alone the move has been more than worth it.  After a few months of getting settled I decided I wanted to go back to work as well and I found an accounting position with a local, wait for it, potato farm.  No kidding.  I work for a potato farm.  In Idaho.  But it's great experience and my commute is 12 miles round trip with a day care drop off and pick up.  I have moved past being contented with our new lives in Idaho to being genuinely happy here.  Most of this is due to Gavin.  I'll share more soon about what he's been up to lately but for now it suffices to say that he's even more awesome than ever. 

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Lempskies said...

There's a song my seminary teacher used to sing...
"IIII'd rather live in I-da-ho than any other place I know!
I-da I-da-ho, I-da I-da-ho...
And if I had the fare today, I'd pack my bags--be on my way to
I-da I-da-ho, I-da I-da-ho."

That's a great place to raise a child.