Sunday, October 05, 2014

The Strong

We spent yesterday in the Rochester area, enjoying some of the gems of Western New York.  Our first stop was the Strong National Museum of Play.  To to totally honest, Gavin didn't get a whole lot out of it, but I sure had a good time.  And I made a mental note of what we'll do next time we go, when Gavin's a bit older and more able to play with more than his fists.  

The first exhibit we saw was one about Sesame Street.  The State Museum in Albany also has a Sesame Street exhibit but this one is bigger.  We started by letting Big Bird keep an eye on Gavin for a few minutes. 
 The Sesame Street exhibit really made me miss the urban-ness of New York City.  I have always loved that city, but especially since that's where Gavin was born, it has an extra special meaning to me. 
 This is a sand sculpture of the Count, hahaha. 
 Possibly my favorite part of the entire museum is that they have books all over the place.  Seriously, everywhere.  When Gavin needed some time to himself, out of the stroller, to kick and roll about, we just found a corner, put his blanket down and let him have some Gavin time while I read him a few books.  We even found a few that we need to add to his collection at home. 
  Because it's Western New York, of course there is a Wegmans exhibit.  This is pretty much the best grocery store every and here kids can go in and do some shopping on their own.  Maybe next time, Gavin.  For now you'll have to settle for the occasional real Wegmans shopping trip with me.  Oh man, do I love Wegmans!
 I explained to Gavin, that while he may not understand it yet, in our family we love trains.  Like, we really love trains.  There's a train museum in Toronto that I'm excited to take him to as soon as we have his birth certificate.  Next time we come to the Strong we're definitely riding the train they have there.  And the carousel.  Because in our family we really love trains. 
 The Lego exhibit was awesome but so much of it was for bigger kids so we had to content ourselves with playing with the big soft blocks for the very small ones.  I'll be honest here, Gavin put some of them in his mouth.  Here's hoping there's nothing serious going around, right?  It was nice again to have a spot where he could just be free for a few minutes (like half an hour) and roll and kick to get some of his energy out. 
 From the Dr. Seuss exhibit.  We read a lot of Dr. Seuss in our house.  You may not be able to see her, but Flat Ellie is visiting from Utah.  She's been manhandled by Gavin mostly. 
 This one's a bit better of Flat Ellie, stuck on the magnetic Mr. Potatohead, and Gavin, just as we were fixin' to leave.  After a stop at the gift shop for a stuffed Grover for him. 
 Our next stop was in Palmyra where we visited a few of the sites, climbed the Hill Cumorah and gave Gavin some more floor time before the 90 minute ride home.  He's such a happy baby!  And he really started to talk this weekend too.  Stewart got some great video on the way home.  He's so close to crawling as well, and in the meantime he can get himself around by rolling and scooting. 

The leaves are changing color and some of them are even leaf free already.  I've been baking with apples and it's cooled down and been rainy lately so autumn is officially upon us here and we're excited for all it will bring.  Like baking and lazy Saturdays where we don't leave the house. 

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