Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Interested in Tax Law? I know I'm not.

One of my favorite sculptures of all time is Rodin's "La Porte d'Enfer," or "The Gates of Hell."  No photo of this epic work can do it justice.  It depicts Dante's vision of the Inferno.
What always fascinated me about the sculpture is the placement of the Thinker above the door.  I suppose his presence could signify how any attempt to replace the divine Word with human understanding is doomed to hell-fire and torment.  

I would suggest an alternative interpretation.  Perhaps the Thinker is actually an accountant; hell seems like an apt place for most of that ilk (sorry Heiffer).  Moreover, perhaps his punishment is not to sit on a stool with poor lumbar support.  Instead his punishment is to spend eternity contemplating the U.S. Tax Code.  I can think of no worse torment.

Now back to my Federal Income Tax homework.  May God have mercy on my soul.


jlbunting.com said...

Nice analogy. :) Good luck, that tax code is never ending.

Megan, John and kids said...

Somehow in all my years studying art history, I never came across that interpretation of Rodin. You should see if you can publish it.