Monday, October 24, 2011

Dr. Stewlove: or How I Learned to Turn off F-book and Start Blogging

I really won't have anymore time to blog now than I did before I shut down the f-book. Law school ensures that my paucity of free time is spent reading judicial decisions. It's gotten so bad that "The Hobbit" has become my toilet book. You may scoff at this for many reasons, but let us be frank here for a moment.

The toilet is the most comfortable seat in the house. It allows your nooks and crannies an opportunity to escape their confinement; I believe that there is an inverse relationship between the wearing of trousers and the power to contemplate the sublime (it is this relationship that makes wearing a kilt a necessity for deep thinkers). No one wants to disturb you on the toilet...or at least not me (this is both from the stink and the lack of kids). Lastly, the longer you spend on the loo the less likely people are to bother you about it (I'll leave it to your mind contemplate the full import of that sentence).

That said most people find it rather disturbing to talk about their toilet books. It has become so taboo that the N.S.A.T.R. (the National Society for the Advancement of Toilet Reading (It's a thing, seriously)) has released a study saying that 83% of all reading is now being done in bed and using a kindle. This movement from the toilet to the bedroom has caused an epidemic of both constipation and bed sores. It's time that we all turn this tide, grab a book, and settle down for a prolonged poo.

This just goes to show two things. First, if the most creative writing you do in over a year regards the application of U.S. naturalization law to a Nazi war-criminal, you lose your muse and end up writing about defecation. Secondly, Facebook is a giant societal dookie.

I knew you missed my blog posts.

~The First

Monday, October 03, 2011

The Summer of Fun, part 2

We refer to the summer of 1999 as "the summer of fun." We had just met, were taking only a few credits at BYU over the summer (Stewart actually had a full courseload, but I made him act like he only had one class-he still blames me for his sub-par performance in french phonetics) and we spent a lot of time playing, his apartment and my apartment and those associated with us. We did things like crawled through Nutty Putty caves, walked along University Ave, had bbq's and played ultimate frisbee and went bowling. At the time I was taking a bowling class, and a religion class on LDS family and marriage so I figured that going bowling with guys counted as studying for both :) Less than a year later the husband and I were married. We kept having fun, but nothing took the title away from that summer.

But the summer of 2011 comes close, in my opinion. Stewart took one class for the first half of the summer, but other than that he just had his 9-5 internship with little to no homework. So we played. A lot. And I loved it.

Before summer actually began we went hiking along the Niagara River. Talk about amazing.

We started the summer by spending Memorial Day weekend in Canton, with some good friends. It was pretty and quiet and I was somehow able to sleep without the sounds of Buffalo all around at night. And we made some terrible food choices over those 4 days.

We spent a weekend in June in the Rochester/Victor area. It's beautiful there. And so close to the Palmyra temple.

On July 3 we crashed a party across the street. Best way to meet your neighbors. For Independence Day we hosted a bbq for some of the husband's law school peeps and then watched the fireworks by the lake. So nice. Except for when Stewart dropped a box of flooring tiles on his toe. Part of it is still black. This is the view over the lake before the fireworks.

Then, later in July, Stewart and I ran a 15k in Utica. My time wasn't great but it was a great race. Utica really turns out for it, probably because they don't have anything else going for them. The zoo had some animals along the side of the street at one point. And they had people handing out Popsicles.

We had a few trips back east to the Albany area, and spent one Sunday at a family reunion in Massachusetts, celebrating the 90th birthday of Stewart's grandmother.

Here's Stewart at our friends' house in the mountains somewhere around Albany, where we stayed for one of our weekends out there.

We also went to several Buffalo Bisons baseball games. I don't know if they won any of them.

And in August we had our friends the Cotons visit for a short weekend. We went to Niagara Falls and rode the Maid of the Mist

and visited Fort Niagara, which is located right near the point where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario. We could see Toronto in the distance. They did a reenactment of a battle and then we wandered through the buildings and got a feeling for what life was like in the fort.

We also saw both plays that were put on as part of Shakespeare in the Park and went for walks and runs and strolled down Elmwood Avenue. I was sad to see the summer end and for Stewart to start school again and be busy, but I'm also enjoying the quiet-ness of autumn.