Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Week Including Our One Cheating Day

Since the last post here's what we've been eating. I'm a bit behind so I might not get the days right, but I can remember what we've had.

Jenny's Tamale Pie-really good. We had a variation at least a year ago, though it was not Jenny's. Jenny's is better. And anything with a corn bread topping is good. It made good lunch leftovers too.

Dinner out. I met up with some ladies from church and we ate at Panera. I had to try something new because my usual apparently has meat substances in it. So I tried the mozzerella sandwich. Soo good. I may have a new favorite. I picked up a veggie burrito at the nearby Chipotle for Husband on my way home.

Fideo out of my vegetarian cookbook. I think I prefer this made with vegetable stock over my usual beef stock. It's not as good as what you get at Cafe Rio but for out here it works in a pinch. And I can add extra feta so it's not a total loss.

Burritos. We were supposed to have dinner with friends on Friday but they cancelled on account of being sick so we had to eat at home, just the two of us. Fortunately it wasn't too uncomfortable.

Sunday was our St. Patty's Day meal, that we had planned in as our one day to eat meat this month. I made my corned beef pot pie, Stewart made bread, and we at with two of Stewart's classmates and their partners. Ashlee made a French Onion Soup and the sauce and cookies we had with ice cream. An amazing meal. We had to leave the leftovers with Kevin. I think he had almost an entire pot pie to himself this week.

We had a lot of leftovers throughout the week and have frozen what was left for another day. You can only eat the same leftovers for so long, you know.

Sweet & Sour Tofo. I can safely say that we both like tofu now, when it's prepared correctly, which I can now do. There were a lot of veggies in it, too. Again, good leftovers.

Last night we fed the Sister Missionaries grilled cheese, tomato soup (not the premade, canned stuff, though) and pesto pasta salad. Not the most impressive meal we've ever served them, but we finished with crepes so they went home happy.

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