Sunday, March 06, 2011

Vegetarian Week 1

One week in and we're going strong. Even after running 5 miles in the rain yesterday, we did not succumb to the meatball.

Our menu this week was:

March 1: Tofu Peanut & Noodle Stir Fry from our Wok cookbook. It turned out really good though peanut butter on red pepper strips and broccoli is a little weird.

March 2: Ziti with Sharp Cheddar from our vegetarian cookbook. This is not a new recipe to us, it's one we love. I think this is where we first discovered the joy of the leak.

March 3 & 4: Leftovers from the previous two days. We are just two people and cooking usually leaves us with a lot of food. I like it this way. It was nice to not have to cook those days. Coincidentally I also did not do any dishes. As a result I did a lot of dishes today.

March 5: We went to dinner with some friends to a local Italian place, Vino's, which is famous for it's meatballs. Alas, neither of us got said meatball, though our dining companions each did. We will return in another month (I'm thinking that while it's no Sabs we will eat here when my parents visit, you know, once Buffalo thaws) and then there will be meatballs for all.

March 6: Hungarian Stuffed Peppers from our Starting with Ingredients cookbook. This might be my favorite cookbook EVER. But don't pay the full list price of $45 or so. Stewart found it online for something like $7. We did the vegetarian variation and filled the peppers with wild rice and mushrooms instead of veal and sausage. It was good, but Husband doesn't like the texture of baked peppers. btw, he picked the recipe.

This week we have planned: Fire Roasted Corn Chowder that we didn't get to last week on account of a fridge full of leftovers, Jenny's Tamale pie, a dinner at Panera, and if necessary the Fideo, which is not alike or as good as Cafe Rio's.


Smathers House of Girls said...

Fire roasted corn chowder sounds really good. Panera used to have one called summer corn chowder. It had a little kick to it. I LOVED it but they don't have it anymore. boo.

Rachel said...

The copy editor in me just has to say it: they're leeks. Not leaks. But way to go on being vegetarians for a month!

Wife of dastew said...

For some reason this is a word that I ALWAYS misspell. And I always second guess myself and change it to the incorrect spelling.

Coop said...
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Coop said...

Just don't go live in Crete - Vegetarians can't adopt children there due to the health concerns involved ;p ... Good on them I say :D

Wife of dastew said...

I've heard of some odd ways to be denied a baby, but this is new. Hmm, maybe when we decide to adopt a Cretian baby we'll bring along some steaks.