Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And we have nearly reached the End

Of vegetarian (almost) month, that is. I have to admit, I crave meat these days, but not chicken. Mostly a good hamburger, but more on that later.

So since the Sister Missionaries came over for our gourmet grilled cheese & tomato soup, here's what the Forbes have been eating.

That Friday we tried a Falafel Bar that we've passed a few times. It's just down the road from my favorite wing place and if we weren't off meat I don't know if I would ever pass up Duff's for falafel. (btw, it's kind of scandalous that I prefer Duff's to Anchor Bar since wings originated at Anchor Bar. But I have to go with my gut.) I'm so glad we tried the Falafel Bar because it was delicious. Stewart got the falafel wrap and I got the spanakopita. This is how I judge Mediterranean restaurants. Very good. I grabbed a take out menu on my way out. Coincidentally this place is kind of on Husband's way home from school.

Spinach mushroom quiche. I prefer Stewart's quiche with ham in it, but this tasted ok. Then it made me sick. Bummer. Husband, who was unaffected, took one for the team and finished it over the next few days.

Cream of Mushroom Fake Bake. This was way too mushroomy after the quiche. And super cheesey which we don't do too often any more. We threw away some leftovers, even.

Singapore Noodles. This was this week's stir fry. Quite good. The house smelled like curry for days afterward. My area of the office did too since I made the mistake of taking some for lunch.

Mushroom & olive pizza and french fries. I am most happy that I found suitable NY style pizza in Buffalo. We've tried a few places but no where does it just right. This still is no Paesans but it will get another try. Maybe their pepperoni pizza is better. And pizza joints here do buffalo wing pizza.

Home made spanakopita. I like it so much Husband suggested I try making it. Apparently he thought I needed something to do with an hour and a half on Sunday besides nap. But it was worth it and it's been serving as lunch since. The recipe called for too much butter so next time I'll cut back on that. And now that I'm comfortable working with phyllo dough I think I'll try making baklava sometime. And mmm, spinach.

Black bean soup. This is a favorite of ours and I'm surprised we made it this far into a vegetarian month without it. So good. It will be dinner again tonight.

Tomorrow is Smoked Mozzerella sandwiches with roasted red peppers, olive tapanade and pesto. I think I'll make some potato chips to go along with it.

And to finish out the vegetarian month, Stewart will make a tortillas with potatoes out of our Spanish cookbook. You know, because he's Mexican. Friday we plan on being in Batavia, on our way home from the temple so we'll stop at the Mexican place there and order something chicken enchiladas or something equally meaty.

Saturday we are going to Grovers where they serve even the salads with a hamburger patty. The burgers are just under a pound and the fries and onion rings come in the same basket. I can hardly wait. Let the meat-gasm begin!


dastew said...

You know you're food snobs when homemade Mexican food doesn't even get mentioned.

Jon and Chelle said...

Jon and I have started eating vegetables for lunch. I like it. At least I never feel like I want a nap after lunch anymore. And it just means Cafe Rio is for dinner only =)