Monday, February 14, 2011

V-Day Through the Ages

This is our twelfth Valentine's Day as a couple. Pretty great, eh? Well, let me tell you about our first and then our most recent V-Day celebrations.

2000-we were engaged, getting married in just over two months. I spent the afternoon at my pre-marriage gyno visit at the BYU health center. This was the only day that worked for me and I wanted to be sure to get on birth control so we didn't end up having a honey moon baby (little did I know at the time what a waste of money birth control was:)

But Husband did take me out to dinner, a double date with one of his engaged roommates, Jeff and his Jeff's fiance Diane. I wish I could say we went to a fancy, expensive restaurant, but, no, we went to the Red Lantern Chinese buffet.

2011-We both forgot to put our rings on after our morning work-outs. So I guess we each spent the day trying to see if we could get picked up. No dice. So we went to dinner. We figured that all the fancy, expensive restaurants would be packed, and we didn't plan ahead and make reservations. So we consulted the yelp and decided on Grover's Club. So, so good. The burgers were just under a pound, add in a basket of fries and onion rings. It looked a lot like this:

It was awesome. Here's to many many more Valentine's Days together.

I love you, Husband!

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