Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am still in the process of putting things where they will belong for the next three-ish years and I recently found myself opening up the rubbermaid container in the garage that holds a sleeping bag. As part of the move, it also held my extra purses and cold weather wear. I have been thinking a lot lately about the winter weather wear.

I found an older purse that I haven't used in years and decided to throw it out. I don't know why I didn't decide that 2 1/2 months ago before moving it across the state, but here we are. Before tossing it in the bin, however, here here are some of the treasures I found within:

  • 3 chapsticks (one of which is the one I had with me on our England trip in 2006/7. The smell took me back to Hadrian's Wal;
  • 2 barrettes and 7 hair ties;
  • Trogor sticker;
  • a receipt from 2007;
  • several expired coupons;
  • a few photos of the Turners in Yellowstone with only three children, Stewart's Wheaties photo, 2 of my brother Nate, Baby Ryan Turner, and Lucinda;
  • 25 cents.
Not a bad haul, I must say. I have not yet decided where to stick Trogdor.


Coop said...

What exactly does Hadrian's Wall smell like.
Every time we move I find stuff after (normally that Noelle has packed), that we get rid of, and wonder why it didn't get ditched in the at least one of the previous moves!

Lempskies said...

Did you guys sell your house & I missed the announcement? If so, congrats! I'm officially jealous.

If not, condolonces. I'm officially empathetic. Home selling sucks in this economy.

Although... we did have our 5th showing today, so we are keeping our fingers crossed...