Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Identifying Characteristics of an Uber-Nerd

So I am nothing if not a know-it-all. Does anyone disagree? I thought not. So our first day of Constitution Law we're posed with the following question: In what way is the US Constitution revolutionary? Now for most people this becomes a question of individual rights in a time of monarchy and aristocracy. Not for yours truly. Instead I go off on a 3 minute exposition of the question of sovereignty in the Constitution versus the Articles of Confederation (the governing law in the US prior to the Constitution).

Seriously? What sort of nerd knows enough about that to make that the crux of his argument on the revolutionary nature of the Constitution? Perhaps more interesting is the question of why would anyone know that? In any case I've made a Venn diagram describing the class response:

First day of class and I'm already "that guy".

Sleep! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

It is almost 1am here, and I just finished my Civil Procedure homework. I have in the last two weeks read more and denser material than I have this year. Two weeks in I have a few insights into myself and the whole law school experience that I thought I'd share.

1. I'm old. It may not seem it to some of our more mature readers, but the average age of my classmates is 24. 24!!! I last saw that almost a decade ago. Further, my age shows itself when I laugh at the professors dated jokes. For example yesterday...well two days ago technically given the late civil procedure professor showed us a clip of Seinfeld. For me and the 30 year old sitting next to me this was not only perfectly normal but made for nostalgia. I don't think the younglings got it. I mean what's not to get about the Soup Nazi.

2. If a professor doesn't call on you because you've monopolized all the class discussion and taken the class on a tangent that wasn't in the lesson plan it's probably time to put your hand down. Participation points don't count for being the loudest.

3. Sleep deprivation isn't a medical condition it is a way of life (see also the Law School Rule of Caffeine=If you're not caffeinated you're not studying hard enough).

4. If you were to make a pie chart of my Library Usage it would probably look like this:

5. Buffalo is the bastard, inbred, red-headed (no offense to gingers reading this it simply is a list playing on preconceived stereotypes and in no way reflects personal animus against them), child of Canada and the Midwest. On the one hand we can watch Canadian tv here. It's a hoot! They have a parliament and they have this weird temperature system that means if it's 20 it's t-shirt weather. That might just be because their Canadian. On the other hand people call soda, pop. I mean honestly what the crap is that about?

So those are my first impressions. Am I surprised that I'm back in school? Not really, we all knew that it was coming eventually. Will I do well in it? Probably, I always enjoyed being graded (especially when the latter came back favorable to my ego). Will I help you with your will? Not until I pass the bar so don't ask me. Oh and when I do pass it I demand my filthy lucre. I'm not doing this pro bono you cheapskates. :)

Since I'm tired here's a clip from my favorite Simpsons ever: