Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our New Life

As an update, we officially moved to Buffalo on Monday. Spent a night in our new apartment (photos to come eventually, like when all the boxes are empty) and drove back to Albany Tuesday afternoon where we spent the evening with some friends for not the last time. We then spent Wednesday doing a thorough clean on the house so when people come to look at it they will stand in awe at how clean we are and want to buy it. Wednesday evening we drove back to Buffalo.

I still am confused as which to call home, so I use the term interchangeably for both. Technically our home is still in Colonie, until we sell it, but our lives are in Buffalo now. We have internet in Buffalo so maybe that's what makes this home.

We still miss Albany, our home and especially the people, but so far Buffalo is treating us well. We still use the gps to get around, though we do make the occasional trip without it now. The cats seem to love our place in Buffalo and both Husband and I went for a jog around the neighborhood this morning.

Stewart's currently doing homework, which will be the story of his life for the next few years. My official job search begins in earnest on Monday. Tomorrow we attend church here and try to remember how to make new friends. It makes me more than a bit anxious.

As for now I must answer the call of the boxes that still need unpacking.