Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yellowstone Vacation How I Love You, Let Me Count the Ways

1. The sheer beauty of the park:

2. The desolation left by the fetid yet beautifully acidic (sometimes base) pools:

3. The happiness from borrowing other people's children (and the satisfaction of teaching them things their parents disapprove of):

5. The surprise of running into old friends (even if last time you saw them they were just out of high school and now they make you feel old...as manifest by the gut and the man-boobs):

6. The majesty of wildlife (especially when it tries to gore foreign made cars)

7. The joy of spending quality time with family you don't usually see (especially staying up to completely unreasonable hours):

8. The shock satisfaction of realizing your sweet sis-in-law is more profane than you:

9. The sweet taste of giving up on your New Year's Resolution and your big screen tv:

10. The totally awesome, fantastically breathtakingly, and amazingly comfortable location we stayed (I call next billiards game):

Can we start our next Yellowstone vacation now?


Coop said...

Is that the cabin that belongs to someone in Jon's family? Glad you had a great trip :D

Andrea said...

Yellowstone is my favorite national park. Glad you guys loved it!

Summer said...

Someone in the family just needs to be independently wealthy so we can all mooch off of them and live there. Anyone?