Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Emasculation Day 1

So despite my previous post about the benefits of my current employment situation, I must admit that there are some serious draw backs. First and foremost is the fact that I feel largely impotent and emasculated. I know that this situation is not of my doing intellectually, but there's a psychological component that's incredibly jarring. Suddenly I'm put in a situation where I'm reliant upon Wife to provide for our needs while I struggle to get the house ready for sale. A task for which I'm woefully unprepared.

That said I cannot say that I was unproductive in day 1 of unemployment. I went out for a good jog. I finished sanding all the molding around the windows, and with help of a good friend did the demolition on the kitchen counter tops and sink. Wife seems to think that we're making good progress and well within our time limit to finish everything. I am still more hesitant and fear that I'm not even close to where I need to be. I guess we'll see in two weeks.

Today's tasks:

1. Finish painting the molding on the upstairs windows.
2. Finish installing the new kitchen counter tops/sink
3. Begin painting the stairs (not the stairs themselves but the kick boards)

And here's a video. Yes it's French. Yes it has a fiddle. How can you go wrong with a French rock band that uses a fiddle? I mean honestly.


museumeg said...

Hang in there Stew. Just pretend you are a handyman/contractor. That's good and masculine. Get yourself a tool belt and you're all set! Insert joke about dressing up for Carolyn here.

ma turner said...

I like the toolbelt idea. Although you will have to lock it up at night. Carolyn might want to use it, too. she has had practice, you know.

Lempskies said...

Good luck staging the house and choosing a school.
How ironic that you were laid off from a position you were planning to quit. Did you want to say in the exit interview, "you can't dump me, I'm dumping you first!"?

Rocky Mtn HR said...

Actually, if I may chime in for a moment regarding the 3d comment; it is probably a good thing you did not "dump them first" because by getting dumped you at least got the severance which, as we all know, is the professional equivalent to keeping some of your sweaters after a break-up.
Seriously though, good luck with the house and school, bro.