Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Big Newskowski

Just as Grandpa's death kind of took the blogger out of me last year, our eminent plans rather discombobulated me this year. I apologize that we haven't been more forthcoming. A few of you knew about our plans but the vast majority did not. For those we didn't tell let me apologize.

We've formed so many close friendships over the past 7 years in New York we didn't want to alarm anyone. In addition neither of us wanted our employers to know about this change prematurely. Yet now things have moved to a point where we need to let everyone know. Again please don't be offended if we didn't tell you in person.

First the good news. I was laid off on Friday. Okay that's not great news but it validates the decisions we made last autumn.

As some of you know, in October of last year both Wife and I took the Foreign Service Exam. We had hoped to start a career working with the State Department in the very embassies around the world. Neither of us passed the test. Quite honestly I was a bit shocked as I'd passed the written exam several years ago.

As a result of this failure I did something that most of you thought I should do 8 years ago. I took the LSAT in December. Although I didn't do as well as I would have liked, I did reasonably well. I have thus far been accepted to four of the eleven law schools to which I have applied. I am still waiting on responses from five others.

The net result of this is that Wife and I will be relocating sometime at the beginning of August.

On a personal note, I cannot help but to see the hand of Providence in every action in our lives over the last year leading us to this point. There is no doubt that my fears over my long term career prospects at my now former employer were well founded, and that it was a stroke of inspiration to plan ahead as we have. I have no doubt that we will succeed in the long term. While it is sad to close this very happy chapter in our lives, both wife and I are eternally grateful for all the many people who have enriched our lives over the years.

Oh and if you want to vote in our "Where should Husband go to law school?" poll, please visit our blog directly.


Heather P said...

Hey Forbes,
I am so sorry about your job Stewart but it does seem like you guys were prepared for this- thank goodness! Jason has been out of work since October but we are trusting the higher powers as well. We would love to catch up! Can't tell you how many times I have wanted to call you two and cannot find your number!

Wendy said...

Wow, that is so crazy. Good heavenly planning/listening on your part. If you need anything let us know.

Alissa said...

bummer about the job loss, dudes.
super excited for what the future holds for you guys.

i voted for St Louis, as that puts you closer to us. if i could vote for a law school here in FL, i would.

La Yen said...

Boo for job. Yay for school. Jooj wants to point out that Violet Beuregarde from Willy Wonka is from Saint Louis.

Jon and Chelle said...

I voted for St. Louis since, so far it is the school that would bring you closest to us. And, we could play poker on a ferry boat as we cruise down the Mississippi. yay!

Kendra Leigh said...

How come there's no option to vote for NYC?

museumeg said...

Sorry about the layoff. Were hoping for Albany so you can stay here. But we just want you to be happy and successful. And you will be.

John, Megan and girls said...

Sorry about the lay-off Stew, but I think that you're looking at it in a perfect light. I'm sure you'll be very successful in law school and it's what you two should be doing. I just hope that you can figure out which is the right school for you. I guess I"m in the minority since I voted for Buffalo, that in-state tuition sounds mighty excellent. And, since nothing but the foreign service would have brought you closer to us, that sounds best to me. Maybe with the cheaper tuition you'll still be able to plan a trip to Kilmanjaro to visit us. Good luck, you guys seem on the right path and I feel confident that everything will work out for you.

panini said...

Sorry about the job! But it's seriously awesome about your foresight! Come out West, pls.

Rachel said...

You know how I feel- Oregon if you are accepted there, St. Louis if not. I don't know that you two enjoy snow enough for Buffalo. Although I hear they have tremendous wings out there...And I'm glad that your move coincides with my impending nuptials as I wouldn't have enjoyed living on the streets. Thanks for putting up with me and the furbag for so long!

Coop said...

West Coast is best for us, easier for you to meet us in Hawaii, just closer to us overall, and our next US trip will be to the West, so if not you at least have to come join us. (December 2011)

If West Coast doesn't work out, I agree with the Collins, wherever is cheaper so you can afford to join us on our Mt K trip in 2012

Other than that you should have considered Autralian Law Schools more seriously ... ;p

Ryan said...

University of Utah or BYU it is. See you soon.