Saturday, March 27, 2010

Business in the front

Ahh the 90s. It was such a simple time. The music was still good (who can forget classic bands and artists like Helmet, Danzig, and Coolio), clothing was modest (there was nothing wrong with wearing 38" waist pants when you had (notice had)a 28" waist if you belt them mid-crack with your boxers showing), and the Internet and email was still novel and interesting. We would entertain ourselves with wholesome forwards and sites like hamsterdance, babydance, and mullet's galore.

Indeed the 90s technology allowed us to rediscover that spectacularly stratifying style of the sexy mullet. Think about it for a moment. Without the Internet would we know to mock those sporting the graceful windflap? Would we understand that sometimes it's okay to have business in the front and party in the back? Would terms like femmimullet be in our lexicon? How we should be grateful for the Netscapes and Usenets of yore!

All of this leads to a moment this afternoon in which Wife turns to me after seeing this car er truck er vehicle and says "party in the back". I introduce to you the El Camino, "The Mullet of Automobiles".

I prefer the classic one though.

In other news everyone go buy our friend Branden's debut album with his band Neon Trees. Here's their first single. (He's the one sporting the awesome Brigham beard, and I prefer this video to the new one they did for the song.)


museumeg said...

Ugh, El Caminos are like the ugliest cars ever. Just sayin'. But I love that Neon Trees song!

Coop said...

I think bogans and Mexicans would get on well with their comparable vehicle tastes

Kristi said...

I also prefer that video.