Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza, continued

The final part of my birthday week went like this:

Day Six: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen. The set of three were on sale at amazon so I got all three, in separate packages.

Day Seven: The Spice and Herb Bible by Ian Hemphill. Explains spice by spice, with recipes. Husband made me promise to use it with the final gift...

Day Eight: A Le Creuset pot. I have decided that my next set of cookware will be Le Creuset and my experience with this one has only decided that more. Until then I have to work on destroying my analon set from 9 years ago and saving for the complete set. Maybe that will be what I get for a year without soda, candy and chips.

We had taken Wednesday-Friday off for a trip that got canceled so we just stayed home on Wednesday. On Thursday we headed downstate for a few days. We spent Thursday night at the Copes, catching up and reminiscing about the old days in Provo. I'm so glad they live so relatively close. We also introduced them to banagrams, the game, and I allowed Kendra to school me at nertz because I need some humility in my life. Not much, so we're not playing for a few months.

We got up early Friday and began our day by spending some time in the LDS temple in Manhattan. Possibly the prettiest temple I've been to, at least on the inside.

Then we headed down the street to Whole Foods for lunch and some Raclette cheese. Then up a few blocks for birthday cupcakes, which we took back to the Copes since Kendra's birthday was the day after mine. I went with the red velvet but the oreo, grasshopper and peanut butter cup seemed well received too.

We couldn't stay too long, because we had tickets to see the Nets v. the Raptors that night in New Jersey. Because the Nets are lousy we were able to get seats 14 rows behind a hoop for $15 each. We spent more on parking and food (hotdogs, popcorn, etc). It was the first NBA game either of us had been to that wasn't in Salt Lake, and our first game together.

Saturday we came home and just relaxed. It was an excellent birthday week and trip. Husband did very well and has certainly upped the ante for August.


Dani said...

Sounds like you had an awesome birthday!! That's great, you deserve it : )

museumeg said...

Oh how I love Red Velvet. Happy Birthday to you!

John, Megan and girls said...

I'm glad that your week was so great, you deserve to be well-pampered. And, I'm absolutely jealous about the Le Creuset pot, and I hope that you can work hard at earning the whole set!

nertzfan said...

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