Monday, January 11, 2010

Expressing my Frenchness


The voters have spoken. I have been maligned, vilified, and ridiculed. I remove my assertion that finishing the last 100+ pages of the Omnivore's Dilemma counts as a 2010 read. Like any moderate republican politician standing for election, I respectively concede defeat.

This concession seemed in my best interest as in one week, I not only tried to claim a book that obviously shouldn't count toward my 2010 book tally but I used a dubious loophole to justify my consumption of chips mere days after beginning my abstinence from them (except in now much more carefully elucidated exceptions). That said at least wife and I are now tied for this years reading lists, even though hers was without question a significantly more erudite work. That said she'll probably pad her stats with a few Nancy Drews before the year is out so all's fair.

Oh and no offense meant to the French by the way. I still love you.

Because it's colder than the scary ice lady's castle in Narnia here's a happy warm video that makes me want to move to Hawaii.

If you're reading this on Facebook....well you spend too much time on FB. Get a life and start reading blogs instead...or you could go for a bike ride, whatever.


Mrs Coops said...

Just so you know - Coop skewed the votes... it should have been a closer result!

That said, I tried to skew the results, but don't have the IT literate-ness to do it!

Coop said...

never did

Lempskies said...

I love that song, but have never watched a video of it.

I want you to know that Troy really appreciated your comment to his post. Thanks for being our friends.