Wednesday, January 06, 2010

And on the Sixth Day...

As you may know, Husband & I made a joint New Year's resolution, a bet, if you will. For calendar year 2010 no soda, chips or candy. If successful Husband gets a fancy new tv (see previous post). I'm not sure about my reward, maybe a fancy new sewing machine of equal value to the tv. We have debated rules and particulars--pretzels and selzer are ok.

Six days in I get a call. Husband needs a ruling on chips & salsa at a Mexican restaurant. He's not really asking permission, though, as he's already consumed said chips and salsa. It's forgiveness he's looking for.

So this offers me a pretty incredible opportunity. I could just end it all here. No tv. Sorry. But this would not accomplish a whole lot. He'd be back to eating chips and drinking soda by morning.

I figure I have a few options, as follows:
  • Just forgive him and give him a pass, this once. A good wife would. But that would send the wrong message. Mercy cannot rob justice. Maybe if he'd called BEFORE he ate the chips.
  • Start reducing the size of the tv he can win.
  • Allow myself one pass. But I don't want to finish the year with an * with my record. And I'm not that excited about eating a bag of chips or having a soda anyway.
  • Demand a bribe, a payoff of sorts, something worth more than chips because I'm also giving him the chance to still win the tv. Some ideas are:
  1. Another cat. No, I don't really want a third cat. I would just have to clean more poo, make another annual trip to the vet, and sweep up more cat fur. And then they'd outnumber us. No.
  2. A book or cookbook that I've been coveting. But I can get those for myself anyway. And a cookbook would end up benefiting the cheater.
  3. Flowers. But they will just die or get eaten by one of the existing cats.
  4. Another night of me controlling the remote. I've won this in bets before but never cashed in. I could wait until March Madness I suppose.
  5. Be content with disgracing him on the family blog and call it good.
Any other ideas? Should I just forgive and move past this?


dastew said...

I throw myself on the mercy of the court. The funny part is how proud I was of not drinking a coke with lunch.

Roy said...

Great dilemma. I propose a three-pronged approach (mainly because I like the phrase "three-pronged approach"--it sounds dirty even though it's totally innocuous). First, reduce the size of the TV (should he last 349 days beyond his previous record) and increase the size of your reward. Next, demand a bribe. Not some tangible thing you could buy yourself, but something that'll hurt. Stew does some atypical chore for a week or month. Finally, adjust option #1 and reduce the number of cats. Pick his favorite. This will teach him to eat verboten snacks.

La Yen said...


panini said...

oooh, my kitten has litter mates available and they ship! you can see pics of all of them on fb. and if you don't want 3 cats - it will make you want to get rid of one, so you can pick up one of these. yes. yes.
btw - this was a hysterical post to read!

Waldo said...

The brits have a great tradition called "forfeits." Basically, whoever owes the forfeit has to do something humiliating in public. Traditionally these humiliating acts involve nudity, cross-dressing, face or body paint, or some sort of speech or sign.

If you choose a forfeit involving nudity, please don't post pics. No one needs to see that but you.

Just throwing that out there.

Livermore 1st Ward Relief Society said...

I like the idea of a chore...does he currently do toilets? Now is the perfect time to start.

Mrs Coops said...

I call forfeit!

museumeg said...

Definitely a forfeit! I am a shameless Anglophile. But I second the no picture.