Saturday, December 05, 2009

How Do You Get Freshly Squozen Orange Juice in December When You Live in New York?

Step 1: Win a juicer from a friend in Texas. I think it was my comment that made the robots choose me for said juicer. (I also won a Martha Stewart baking cookbook). Thanks LaYen!

Step 2: Have parents who at least partially live in Florida. Get them to like you enough to send you fruit in December. The guava jelly and key lime fudge are extra bonuses. Thanks parents!

Step 3: Juice the fruit in the juicer after making 64 molasses cookies and some Christmas sugar cookie cutouts, too.


La Yen said...

You have now used that juicer more times than I ever did!

Chelle Ellsworth said...

What's a molasses cookie?

shelly said...

What there aren't oranges just sitting on the trees around NY this time of year?
Lucky ducky! How fun.

ma turner said...

The citrus is your Christmas present. We asked it to be delivered on Dec. 19. Enjoy it this year 'cause next year we are finding a different grower. Hope you enjoy it. Love you guys.