Thursday, December 31, 2009

Of Christmas and Resolutions

2009 was another year...
1. in which we didn't get sent to debtors prison.
2. in which we traveled significantly more than was healthy for our budget.
3. wherein we thought about having a kid and decided to continue saving for a boat.
4. during which time we loved our cats entirely too much.
5. where my bibliophilia overwhelmed my storage space (check this out though, greatest library ever)
6. where I yelled at the idiocy of Politicians, Glen Beck, Fox News, and most sporting referees without investing the time or energy to actually do anything to help change the world
7. where I went way overboard on Christmas and still didn't get Wife the main thing she desired.

2009 was the first year...

1. that Wife and I started running consistently. Including 3 sanctioned road races.
2. that I road tripped with my brother where we were both old enough to drive (we did 2 such trips)
3. that I'd lived with a dog the size of a horse (he started out the size of a raccoon ended the size of a horse)
4. I ate lunch regularly at a truck stop (seriously good fish fry)
5. that I lived on a house boat for a week.

2009 was the last year...
1. I will have talked to my grandpa in this life
2. I will ever go to Bullhead City, Az.
3. I will ever drink soda
4. I will weigh over 200 pounds
5. Wife will have read more books than I.

1. Don't drink anymore soda, eat anymore chips, eat anymore candy.
-Reward for 12 months obedience=52" of hi-def beauty

2. Read more books than wife and use the blog to keep tally.
3. Blog more often. I know you miss our regular posting. We're sorry.

How was your year? Any resolutions?

On a musical note, if you guys haven't checked out the vblogger "la blogotheque" on YouTube you're missing out. He does these amazing little takeaway shows with some really cool artists. Check out his website. His Arcade Fire session where he put a 10 piece band in an elevator was hilarious. This is one he did with my favorite Quebecois band Malajube. Watch it! Love it!

Take Away Show - FME Sessions - Malajube #1 from Nathanaƫl Le Scouarnec on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

How Do You Get Freshly Squozen Orange Juice in December When You Live in New York?

Step 1: Win a juicer from a friend in Texas. I think it was my comment that made the robots choose me for said juicer. (I also won a Martha Stewart baking cookbook). Thanks LaYen!

Step 2: Have parents who at least partially live in Florida. Get them to like you enough to send you fruit in December. The guava jelly and key lime fudge are extra bonuses. Thanks parents!

Step 3: Juice the fruit in the juicer after making 64 molasses cookies and some Christmas sugar cookie cutouts, too.