Friday, October 09, 2009

There was music before I was born

I think everybody has in their closet that one pair of comfortable jeans to which they are religiously devoted. You know the pair to which I refer. They're usually stained with ketchup or sometimes catsup. Often they're either too big or small, depending on which side of Christmas you find yourself (damn that Christmas fudge). Almost without exception, this pair of jeans has a hole in the crotch or buttock region (your fanny for you non-Brits).

I often treat the Internet like that pair of jeans. Just as I like to wear those comfy jeans every day, I visit the same ten comfy sites every day. So you can imagine how exciting it is when I find a new site that gives me a whole new way to waste time online.

Today my time waster is It's like a giant virtual jukebox which seems to have an infinite (well no Zeppelin or Beatles) supply of songs. As my friends Tyler and Ryan and I were discussing just this very week what we would consider the top ten songs (non classical) prior to our birth year (77), this site proved to be an excellent delivery vehicle to prove my list's superiority over theirs. So with no further ado I present to you "Husband's Top 10 Songs that were Almost as Great as the Divine Chorus which Undoubtedly Sounded at my Birth"(or that could have been my mom swearing at the doctor, my memory is fuzzy back that far).

[Note if you're reading this on facebook you should probably come to the blog site as you won't be able to see any of the neat links I loaded from lala. Oh and it helps stroke my ego to see my site visit counter go up. STROKE MY EGO. THE FIRST COMMANDS IT]

10. Black Water-Doobie Brothers

9. House of the Rising Sun-The Animals

8. A Boy Named Sue-Johnny Cash

7. Kashmir-Led Zepplin

6. Fortunate Son-CCR

5. Purple Haze-Jimmy Hendricks

4. Helter Skelter-The Beetles

3. Mr Tambourine Man-Bob Dylan

2. For What It's Worth-Buffalo Springfield

1. Paint It Black-The Rolling Stones


ma turner said...

Since I got my new ride which has satelitte radio I find myself listening to the 70's station most of the time when all by myself. It makes me want to drive all by myself even more.

Ryan said...

Ok, it took me a couple of days to digest this list. First of all you need to explain yourself, Boy Named Sue. Great song, but top 10 before you were born? Maybe top 100, no better though. Next, Black Water, again a great song, top 10... no. The rest of them, though my personal opinon doesn't agree, I'll let you keep because they are great songs.

dastew said...

I admit a Boy Named Sue is a stretch and probably should be replaced by Walk the Line, Ring of Fire or David Bowie's Space Oddity. Still the fact it was written by Shel Silverstein makes me love it all the more.