Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dinner at UsAndCats Week of August 29

For those of you who have visited us, and we all know how lucky those blessed few are to enter these hallowed halls, know that Wife and I may not be anal retentive about cleaning but when it comes to planning our meals in advance we have few rivals.

In an effort to help you all drink deeply from the depths of our awesomeness, and to force us to actually eat what we plan and not just skip meals and go out to eat we're going to start posting our weekly menus along with links to the cookbooks from whence we got the recipes (Amazon should seriously pay us for the traffic). We will at the end of the week post the feedback on each recipe. That said this experiment will probably last two posts before we get sick of it. So with out further ado here's our schedule.
    29 August --We're eating out at Phoenicians of Albany. Yeah that's a heck of a way to start but for those of you in the greater Capitol District we highly recommend this place. It's my favorite Lebanese food around here. If you are going let us know though and we'll go with you and introduce you to the owner. Fantastic food.

    30 August--Chicken Parm from "Starting with Ingredients" p. 265. Accompanied with Pesto Pasta Salad from "Food Network Favorites" and Grilled Asparagus. Of Course we're having husband's family recipe of Mississippi Mud for desert.

    31 August--Pork Enchiladas in a Green Chili Sauce from "Mexican: Healthy Ways With a Favorite Cuisine" p 134. Yes our Mexican is probably better but we haven't tried this green chili sauce.

    1 September--Stir Fried Sesame Chicken & Leeks from "The Essential Wok Cookbook" p 166.

    2 September--Moorish Chicken & Nut Pie from "The New Spanish Table" p 172. This by the way is an awesome cookbook and well worth the $9 it's going for right now on Amazon.

    3 September--Grilled Cheese and Creamy Tomato Basil Soup.

Since you've been patient here's a classic Pinky and the Brain:

(If you're viewing this on Facebook or through an RSS feed, well you're missing out on the awesomeness of the photos and videos on our blog. Further, your lack of comments on our blog makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs in hopes that pain lessons the emotional trauma you've caused.)


ma turner said...

Just to lessen your emotional trauma, I will leave a comment. Don't say I never do anything for you. I love yor ideas for dinner, but I need you to come up with some recipes that I might get Nate to eat. He might swallow the chicken parm but some of the other stuff--I don't know. By the way, I love the pinky and the brain thing a the end.

La Yen said...

What do you do with the leftovers? ARE there leftovers?

This makes me tired to think about all that cooking. Try inspiring me when it is not 100 outside.

Wife of dastew said...

Mmm, Wensleydale. I want cheese now, but I won't eat cheese if it has a mustache, life rule.
Mom, I decided as an adult that I won't be such a picky eater. I'm discovering lots of yummy food. He just needs to grow up.
Yen, we now have a Rachel again so what leftovers there are get taken for lunches. But if you move to Fort Drum you can count on a Forbes dinner monthly.

Jon and Chelle said...

I'm usually good for cooking maybe twice a week. It would be more but I really don't like doing dishes. other than that its sandwiches, papa murphy's, and cafe rio baby! Also I don't think I've ever eaten Lebanese. Am I missing out?

shelly said...

Nothing says quality post like Pinky.

John, Megan and girls said...

So, I'm a bit late in seeing this, but notice that this was the first and only menu posted thus far. I have finally hunkered down and started planning out my weekly menus for the past month, and it has been good. Although, I do need to start taking leftovers into account. John will take them for lunch, but he still seems to get too busy to remember to eat lunch, so that doesn't always work.
By the way, we've been thinking that we need to plan an Albany trip some time soon, so you can already get to work on that menu. And, our children are surprisingly grown up for their tastes, so anything goes. Except maybe some Wensleydale.