Friday, April 17, 2009

How can we tax it if they're giving it away?

Unbeknownst to most Americans, many New Yorkers, far too many Albany-ers, every governor we've ever had, and New York City itself, Albany is the capital of New York State. I work downtown and often find myself walking in front of, behind, or around (but never through-I don't feel like going through the equivalent of airport security) the capitol building. Several times each year there will be a rally taking place. My favorite is the annual springtime rally of Bikers Against Child Abuse.

Today, however, was a rally for the legalization of marijuana. I didn't taken any of the flyers offered to me, but I did admire many of the homemade posters adorning the capitol steps. Some of my favorites included:

Hemp is Wealth

New York CAN

Don't Encroach on my Roach

And then I saw the sign that said simply, "FREE MARIJUANA." Awesome, I thought, Let's go pick up some of this no-charge pot, come back downtown tomorrow, sell it and put the proceeds in the Forbes Baby Fund (which consists of the pennies in the jar under the microwave and the diapers that Pampers has been occassionally sending me for the past four years).

But it turns out that they were not really giving it away. Apparently marijuana is being held hostage somewhere by someone. Bummer. But I did do some people watching. Dreadlocks and tye dye and panchos, oh my! Before long I found myself repeating in my mind Eric Cartman's mantra of "Damn hippies."

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dastew said...

I go out for a guys night out (consisted of playing board games, being old does have its draw backs) and Wife becomes a prolific blogger. Yet I agree. Dirty Hippies.