Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sloth seems an appropriate follow up to gluttony

We have these friends, we'll call them the Steves. Nate likes to eat and since Mel is a vegetarian, if meat is involved, even more does he like to eat. Last year Nate invited us to his house for a bbq but instead of buying burgers, he bought a steak and ground it in Mel's juicer. I could not finish this burger. Mel has not since used her juicer. For good reason.

The Steves invited us to dinner last night, along with the Bloods. Less than 2 hours from here is a casino on an Indian res, Turning Stone. Up until now my experience with casinos has involved a nearly annual trip to Laughlin, Nevada, and riding the New York New York roller coaster and eating at an outrageously expensive buffet at the Wynn casino in Vegas. And driving past Turning Stone en route to Buffalo or Syracuse or Palmyra.

The restaurant of choice was Rodizio. I had never had all you can eat meat and the idea was never appealing but I like these friends so we went. The salad bar was ok, nothing spectacular. You could tell that people don't go there for the salad bar, though the sushi was impressive (to look at for me, I don't eat it). Then the meat course started. I didn't even try half of the options but the men made up for their wives small portions. The pork with pineapple glaze was really good and the salmon was excellent. Other than that, though, it didn't knock my socks off. I believe the men all spoke highly of the skirt steak. At least it was restaurant week so the meal was 20% off.

The experience reminded me of my unmarried days when I would come home from classes and find that my boyfriend (now known as Husband) had gone to a Chinese food buffet with his friend Dan and they had each eaten themselves stupid. The idea has never appealed to me. I would make a lousy guy in this regard. And I am not macho.

On the way out we spoke of the possibility of gambling. I had some change that I would gladly throw in a slot machine and enjoy losing while inhaling more second hand smoke that I normally get (thank you New York anti indoor smoking laws). But you can't do that at Turning Stone. You have to put money on a card and then put that card into the slot machines. Sorry, but once you make it more of an effort to lose money I'm out. Instead I invested my money in cheap reservation cigs.

I think Husband is still sleeping off his meat-over. Anybody know of any home remedies for such a thing?


BluePolgara said...

Wierd your Rodizio menu is a bit different from the menu at our Rodizio in SLC. My husband served a mission in Brazil so this was often our restaurant of choice for a nice night out. In SLC I believe they stick to a more "authentic" Brazilian menu. I have never seen sushi. ANYway, I used to try everything and leave there feeling sick. The last time I went to a similar restaurant (Tucanos at the Gateway) I happily only took my very favorite meats and mostly chose from their fabulous salad bar. As a result I actually left feeling satisfied without feeling sick. My husband and his college roommates also have stories of the times they took on a "food challenge" just to see how much they could eat. They once ate a Sizzler out of shrimp (before my time thankfully). It must be something in the guy gene. :)

Smathers House of Girls said...

I think the only good home remedy is a lot of vomiting.

Doug said...

This definitely needs a male perspective. Over-eating is rite of passage of sorts. When guys are teenagers we go through a period where we are always hungry, even after we eat. Thus, food challenges when we are older is proof that we aren't that old and that we're still as good as we once were (though we're not). Besides if you eat more than the other guy you can call him a wuss.

As far as remedies go, there are none unless you consider being old enough and mature enough to not engage in such activities. Vomiting is not an option, it forfeits the point of the whole thing.