Tuesday, June 02, 2009

1 AlGore 1:1-10

1. In the beginning were the tubez. And the tubez were void and without shape. And I went down unto the tubez and connected them one unto the other. And saw that they were good.

2. Yet the tubez were empty with nothing to fill them. And so I poured knowledge of all kinds down into the tubez and lo, beauty and genealogy and lots and lots of nerd stuff.

3. And I saw that the tubez were good.

4. Yet darkness entered the tubez and their links and webiness filled with boobies, lots of boobies. And so I said to the tubez let us fill you with templates and links for all people to post the random mind vomit of their quotidian existence. And let us call this vomitous mass "blogging". And so were born Wordpress and Blogger and their red headed step brothers whose names are long forgotten.

5. And it was good.

6. Yet the darkness crept back into the tubez and corrupted them and said to the vomitous mass. 'Thou art too clean and fertile. Let me lap you out and spew you forth in 144 character segments, and fill you with such trivilaity that no one will be able to cut wind without failing to record it for the masses with such witisisms as "hurricane ike blew from my caboose this morning. smelled like spoiled eggs. man I want eggs".' And the darkness called its evil tweets.

7. And it came to pass that I beheld the tweets and understood the peril of humanity. For verily each tweet consumed a 144 byte corner of the soul in darkness. And I wept and said to the tubez, the darkness shall not consume thee.

8. And it came to pass that I looked upon the tubez and lo I foresaw all humanity united in one site. And I said to this site thou shalt be called Facebook. And thou shalt fight the darkness of the boobies and the tweets and protect the tubez from those who wish to destroy them.

9. And it was good.

10. But lo, I erred and did not perceive that the Darkness was Facebook. And it consumed me, not as the tweets, but in endless kidnapping, mafiawar, and superpoke requests. And lo all my good was undone, but hey this quiz looks interesting....

Yeah I don't know what that was about either, but isn't it nice to have a post from me again? Admit it you missed me. So did Beeker.


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John said...


Mrs Coops said...

Good to have a post!

Not able to hear Beeker's song/rant/whatever, but it was actually quite funny watching this in silence!

More posts, more posts, more posts!!!

The teaming masses demand them!