Monday, February 16, 2009

6 States; 36 Hours; 3 Drivers; 1 Puppy

A few weeks ago, Husband, Sister-in-law and I drove to Solon, Iowa to pick up her puppy. Not the craziest thing I've ever been a part of, but it very easily may be the craziest thing I've ever done without a Cooper involved. Left our house just before 9pm on a Friday night, arrived back home just after 8am the following Sunday. Here's a synopsis of the trip:

New York - this isn't so bad. We've made the drive to Buffalo before. I felt rested and excited for a roadtrip. Some snow but the weather is very good for the last few days of January.

Pennsylvania - the roads here suck. So do the rest stops. I'm glad we're only driving through the smallest part of the state.

Ohio - Realizing that we only live about 7 hours from Kirtland, we should make it a vacation destination or at least drive through during the day and not the middle of the night. Cleveland rocks! This is the song that happened to come on the playlist while we drove through town. I love the lake. Someone else will have to drive back through Cleveland so I can have a look around. And Ohio, your restops? Panera and Starbucks? You're everything PA wasn't.

Indiana - You had me at a speed limit of 70 mph. You just don't get that in New York.

Illinois - Seriously, on a major interstate highway your speed limit is 45? Seriously. And what is this urge to bribe someone?

Across the Mississippi River - Amazing. I love large bodies of water (see Cleveland).

Iowa - I see many fields but none necessarily "of dreams." Cute puppy picked up an hour into Iowa so we turn around. This was around noon or 1pm Saturday.

Illinois - Still 45 mph, eh? Glad Husband is driving.

Indiana - Loving the 70 mph. Somewhere in here the puppy peed on Husband twice. Reason #1 I didn't sit in the backseat with puppy.

Ohio - Cleveland and Kirtland in the middle of the night again, eh? How did I end up driving again? Lots of cops in and around C-land, even a paddywagon and people getting busted for guns, drugs or both. The Kirtland temple needs lights illuminating it. If it was still ours, it would have lights. Did not appreciate the snow blowing across the roads. Ohio, grow some hills so this isn't a problem next time I drive across you.

Pennyslvania - Your roads still suck, as does your snow removal. I know its Erie in the middle of the night but still there are some cars out on the roads. I'm glad I left. I am officially over you.

New York - Home state but still 5 hours from home. Mostly sleep-driving the last hour or so.

We decided that I drove just over half of the total 36 hours and I only slept maybe 3 hours. I had taken off the Friday we left and napped much of the day. I slept from 9am-5pm that Sunday, missed church, but forced myself to stay up for the entire Super Bowl.

This is Gulliver. I love him.


La Yen said...

He looks like he sheds all over. Much like Stew.

Alissa said...

he's adorable, when he's not peeing on the floor (also much like stew)

Restless Mom said...

The Super Bowl WAS worth staying up for, wasn't it?

Cute dog! Next time you drive thru IL, my advice would be just to go 85. Nobody cares anyhow. And it's not like we have any law enforcement that can't just be bribed out of a ticket.

Cute dog!

Rachel said...

I still think he only peed on the first once.

Coop said...

Couldn't you find a suitable dog any closer?

Lucinda said...

I'm jealous! of the road trip, not the dog; though he is cute! I have a husband who won't participate in road trips much. by the way, love your blog.

ma turner said...

I can't believe you drove all the way to Iowa for a dog--even though he is a cute dog. The only time you should drove through Iow is if you are on your way to visit Wy and your parents and siblings who live close by. Dad is excited to come visit next weekend.

Jon and Chelle said...

oh my gosh I love Gulliver too! He looks soooo fluffy! Tinkerbelle totally wants to come and visit. Will you fly out here and then drive with us to visit Gulliver in NY?

Smathers House of Girls said...

That is one cute dog.

Mrs Coops said...

I have nowhere else to post this, but I love the current picture heading the blog guys!

And Gulliver actually looks like one of those mops that you dust the floor with! Amaaaaaayzing! :)

Lempskies said...

Hillarious trip summary!
I noticed that Ohio was less appealing for you the second time through it. Trust me, it's best at night. Then you can't see all the excessive lawn ornaments, excessive number of domeshaped storage units (more than one is excessive), & other excessive excesses.
Kirtland is cool & it really would be a pretty state if no one lived there to adorn the lawns of their dilapidated homes with fake deer, gnomes, non-functioning appliances, and sesonal decorations left out year round.
We liked visiting NY last year. It was green like IN or OH, but the beautiful historic homes were well maintained and noticeably modest on lawn ornamentation.

Kristi said...

I love the new look.