Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wife's Day--In Numbers

7--The time this morning I got up and began my day.

55--Dollars I spent at the grocery store for this week's food.
15--Dollars I spent at the gas pump for a week's worth of fuel. Loving the lower gas prices. How did we ever afford gas at almost $4?

5.25--miles I did on the treadmill.
90--minutes I did on the treadmill.
1--Number of episodes of "Law & Order" and "How Clean is Your House?" while on the treadmill.

2--Times I swept the kitchen floor before mopping it.
7--Fridge shelves I removed and cleaned today. This counts the removable ones in the door.

5--Mustards in the fridge as I cleaned it out today.
2--Bottles of fish sauce in the fridge. I didn't think Husband and I had any, but I doubt that Sister-in-law brought two with her.
3--Bottles of soy sauce in the fridge.

85--Percent of the kitchen that I cleaned today. I did not pull out the oven or fridge to clean behind them. That's a once a year cleaning and I have all of 2009 to do that. And the oven is responsible and cleaned itself last weekend.

90--Percent of the bathroom cleaned by Husband. I did the floor and will do the shower doors. House rule#1-put the toilet seat down after you use it. House rule#2-Husband cleans the toilet because if anyone is missing the bowl, it is not sister-in-law or me. I can say with confidence its not me.

0--Number of naps I took today. This one pains me but there is always tomorrow. I will be so happy for our day of rest. Especially that I don't have to teach and we are going to a friends' place for dinner.


dastew said...

You could be trying to pee standing up just to see if you can. Don't say you can't, you can do anything you put your mind to.

Alissa said...

you're such a good house cleaner person.

Roy said...

1) You slept in until 7:00 AND spent only $55 on groceries?!? You suck!
2) Who keeps soy sauce in the fridge?

Jon and Chelle said...

So did you run on the treadmill for 90 minutes instead of napping? If so, what did you do with my sister?

Mrs Coops said...

Friday 23/1/09
Ok, here is mine, Wife:

8:40 Time I got up
20 – minutes that I listened to Kiefer Sutherland on Radio One
5+ - laughed out loud at my ‘radio-friends’ – Sarah Cox just had me in stitches!
59,333 jobs I had on my list to do
6 - jobs I managed to do
3 – pm+ by time I remembered to eat lunch
24 – minutes allowed on the library internet (you have to sign off 15 mins b4 they close, dammit!)
1 – email received from Cooper
1 – email replying to Cooper
5 - skirting boards I measured out
3 - inches short on a skirting board, so
1 - extra piece to get correct length of a board
2 - pipes that stuck out of the wall and
1 - box I made to cover them up
3 – power tools used to be this creative - I feel like Tim the Toolman Taylor ' Uh, uh, uhh!'
1 – comment I tried to make on Wife’s blog entry, ‘Wife – my day in numbers’
1 – laptop crash while posting said comment
2 – names I called the laptop
3 - times I sprayed enamel on the nick in the bath
11 – pm by time the enamel will be dry so that I can have an evening bath

I love doing this – can we do it again?! :~D Hee hee xox

John and Megan said...

It's been a while since I've checked out the blog, and wow, it's changed. Wow, you're a busy person, and I'm impressed you were able to catalog it all. I'm equally impressed that Noelle did it in a comment. I won't even attempt to because I would be ashamed, especially in terms of the house cleaning.

Troy said...

I like the new look - especially the new listing of friends. I can't speak for other former "utards", but I am happy being a "college friend".