Monday, December 08, 2008

Most shameful CD ever

Okay here's the question for my movie viewing readers. How come sometimes you can assemble an amazing cast and have an amazingly awful movie. I submit to you the following cast: Tommy Lee Jones, Nicole Kidman, Val Kilmer, Drew Barrymore, and Jim Carrey. Together this is a very impressive group, a bit odd to be in any movie together but I'll give Carrey credit for what he did in the Truman show and Kilmer will always be my Jim Morrison. Yet somehow combined they produced an unsavory pimple on the forehead of the blushing bride that is moviedom. They were all in that incredibly unforgetable movie, Batman Forever. Now I will give them some of the benefit of the doubt and blame most of that pimple on Chris O'Donnell. It's a wonder they ever had the courage to do the good Batmans that they've done recently.

Now as much as I enjoy belittling movies I don't see enough to post about them very often. I do however listen to music. Since our recent purchase of a new car, yes in this economy and yes we are crazy, I've been listening to a lot more music thanks to the wonderfulness of Satellite radio.

How wonderful is satellite radio you ask? They have a Led Zepplin station!!! And a station entitle "Hair Nation"!!! Honestly I haven't heard Kashmir followed by Damn Yankees on the radio since the 1980s. You might say that's probably a good thing, but if you do say that, I say you're a communist and I think Ted Nungent would back me up with that. Don't make the Nudge mad, he's craaaazy.

To make a short story unnecessarily long, and so as to waste more of your valuable time at work, Wife and I were driving to work the other day and what came on but Seal's Kiss from a Rose, the theme song to aforementioned horrible movie. Sadly I had to confess that not only did I know most of the words but I also owned the cd! Shameful I know. In my defense though it was during my Deep Forest, Enigma, and Rusted Root phase (all horrible bands, don't look them up if you don't know them).

So what was the most shameful cd you ever purchased?

Here's something to get you guys in the Christmas Spirit:


ma turner said...

Thank you for sharing Animanics maybe now I'll be ready for Christmas.

Roy said...

I rarely buy CDs these days, but, at Summer's prompting, I have decided that the most shameful was sellling CDs to the music store when we were in college. You see, we sold them to buy milk for the baby. It sounds like a bad modern-day Dickens tale or something. Truly shameful.

Kristi said...

I also cringe and can't change the station fast enough when stupid kissed by a rose comes on...but I never owned the CD. Is Enigma and Rusted Root that bad? I haven't re-listened to them in years.

La Yen said...

I never buy anything shameful. I stand by everything. Even Tanya Tucker.

Wife of dastew said...

I like Tanya Tucker, a holdover from the many family car trips I was a part of growing up. I toy with the idea of picking up a cd of hers again. No shame, indeed.

museumeg said...

I love Kashmir. Most shameful CD - Sarah Brightman: The Songs that Got Away. Although it shouldn't really count since I got it when joining one of those horrible cd clubs.

Troy said...

Ace of Base. Don't look at me...!

compulsive writer said...

I love this post, but if we were going to talk about my shameful days we'd be talking about vinyl albums.

Bee Gees.


But I'm mighty proud of any 8-track I ever owned.