Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maybe you can figure this one out

About halfway through the workday today, I happened to look out my window and I saw this:

A car nearly covered in various colors of post-it notes.

I quickly called in several co workers for their opinions as to what it means. We came up with nothing. So I went out and took a photo for posterity's sake. The post-its were all blank and they were simply post-it stuck on the car, no extra tape or anything. After about 15 minutes of gawking from the window and a couple investigatory trips to the car, two dudes show up, get in and drive away. I opened my office window and tried to wave them down so I could ask them what's up with all the post-it notes on their car, but they must not have seen me.


Alissa said...

my guess:

testing the integrity of post-it note glue.

Roy said...

I've seen /heard of this--apparently it's quite the practical joke. But it's best when the entire car is post-it-ed. This was very half-baked.

Smathers House of Girls said...

That totally looks like something Nate would do. The last tie I left my car at his house unattended, it ended up being completely taped shot and covered in Q-tips. My guess is they have a Nate-like friend.

Smathers House of Girls said...

last time that is. I hate typos.

BluePolgara said...

Yeah, I've seen pictures of cars completely covered in notes. Looks like they gave up a little early here.