Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chanelling our Parents

There's a recurring theme in the old testament. No it's not the theme of genocidal warfare although that certainly does seem to happen. Nor is it the theme that if you call a prophet bald he'll sic she-bears on you (2 Kings 2:23-4), I love that story. Nor is it the story/theme that sacrificing to Baal always leads to bad things, for some reason Baal worshipping has never been a problem for me. I'm referring to the theme that the sins of the parents will be upon the heads of the children.

Now given that my in-laws and my grandparents read this blog you might think that this is a dangerous beginning to a blog post that will assuredly lead to a Santa-less Christmas. Now normally you'd be right but I'm feeling quite laudatory tonight.

One of my fundamental beliefs in human relations is that we're all the byproducts of our childhood, friends, and acquaintances. The familial relationship is extra important in that it shapes many of your likes, dislikes, and value structures. Now usually for people our age the influence of these familial interactions results in costly therapy for many years. Or if your like me it results in many futile years of cheering for the Boston Red Sox (don't worry honey your Orioles can't be horrible forever).

For us as a married couple this parental influence led to something even more traumatic this year:


Okay given the lack of photographic evidence that we got anything from said garden (and really we didn't thus the lack of photos) I'd hardly call it gardening. But at least we tried right, dad? LeAnn? Anyone? Do you love us now?

Oh well. I guess I'll try therapy like the rest of my peers.

Here's another Matt Costa video.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Some (cyber)space of my own

I have a new blog, one that may or may not interest you. It is an attempt to make the challenges of infertility and the testing that comes along with it more bearable. Some of you already knew of my broken-ness, others probably assumed something was up. So for anyone who's interested, you can find it here.

Husband here and I'm totally hijacking wife's post without her knowing....hehe shhhhh.

In any case while she's been busy talking about broken body parts that I don't know the location of, I've been moving my theological blog to a new location. The good news with this is that you won't have to deal with any of my boring book reviews here anymore. Isn't that great.