Monday, September 22, 2008

Ode to Autumn

The hint of orange and red on the leaves, the cool breezes blowing through the open windows of the house, corn mazes, haunted houses, and the wonderful taste of apple cider donuts all indicate one thing. Summer is over and here comes nirvana.

I am a lover of Autumn and have been since my childhood. The only draw back I saw to autumn as a child was its unnerving to proximity to winter. Winter which meant as a lad, tramping through the snow with five gallon buckets of hot water to water the chickens/rabbits, tramping through the snow to feed the chickens and rabbits, tramping through the snow to give said chicken/rabbits fresh straw and hay to make it through the winter, tramping through the snow to help my dad drag wood down from the forest when we invariably ran out of wood, chopping the aforementioned wood, and of course tramping through the snow with the five gallon buckets of maple sap for syrup distilling....

Now I sound like my grandpa telling me about the Bet most of you can't relate to that.

That said now that the hole in the front of our house (carpenter ants again) is filled in this winter shouldn't be as cold as some of those from my childhood. (We had two plywood sheets up when the remnants of hurricane Gustav came through. Just trying to commiserate with our southern friends)

Here's another cool video suggested by Ty. The line "lady-man-ladies" just cracked me up.


Coops said...

where's the 'after' photo?

Jon and Chelle said...

Tinkerbelle likes to eat ants. She could have helped you out on this one.