Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The End of Our Stay-cation

I use that term tongue-in-cheek. This past weekend marked our fifth of five straight weekends of being away from home. Coupled with being going pretty much the entire Sunday before and after that stretch and we are tired. I would give so much to be home for more than a week at a time. Unfortunately I leave for my week in Syracuse Monday morning. But at least Husband gets to be at home.

So last weekend we spent in the Palmyra area with the Collins from PA and the Coopers from England and the Jakobs from Canada and the Luangraths from Chicago. Eleanor (Megan's sister) and Wes (John and Noelle's friend from Wales) joined us. We saw some of the sights, bar-be-qued and laughed. It had been years since I was at the Grandin Publising House so it was good to go again. Some of us had done most of the other sights in October when we got together. Good times were had by all, sometimes getting a bit out of control. Here are some of the highlights from how I see it, in no particular order and certainly not all-inclusive:

1. Seeing old friends and being reminded, yet again, that we do not have these kinds of friends in New York.
2. Enlarging the group from the usual Collins-Coopers-Forbes, especially since it worked so well. The Luangraths and the Jakobs were a natural fit (and I do not mean that in an offensive way to them:)
3. Sitting around the campfire chatting, even though we were told to keep it quiet.
4. Wes with an entire piping hot salt potato in his mouth.
5. Hearing the Queens' English again, and even some Welsh.
6. Attending the Palmyra Temple.
7. The group of youth in front of us during the Hill Cumorah Pageant reacting all at once with coughs right after John Collins and Husband applied bug spray--and then when they got talked at by their leader for being disruptive.
8. John Collins offending the woman in church--it was John Collins this time and not John Cooper or Husband.
9. Eowyn, Lucy, Konrad, and Anders playing in the rain on Saturday.
10. Colin's and Eowyn's goodbye hug.
11. Realizing, again, how much Husband's 2 year mission to Paris has made him who he is.

I am still exhausted from all the traveling and trying to get the house back in order after weeks of neglect. Those of you we didn't get to see during our trips, I am sorry but we will feel more up to it someday and until then, our door is open to you. Here are some more photos from the trip. Enjoy.

The lot of us at the Hill Cumorah Pageant. I will have to get the better picture taken with Joseph Smith from Wes and when I do I will post it.

Husband with his new best friend, Colin. At least all the kids in the group are cute.

Some of the children playing in the rain.


Andrea said...

Sounds like a fun time at "Pageant"--maybe we'll try and crash it next year!!

John, Megan and girls said...

I love that picture of Stew and Colin. I'd have to say that we're a cool enough group that the Luangraths and Jakobs don't seem to be offended that they fit well with us. It was a great time, and I hope you'll be able to spend some good quality time at home soon enough. Although, we'd be up for having you guys come here again and spend a day on the lake with you this time.

Restless Mom said...

We're just happy that we made it through rush weekend with all of you. I guess though, as part of being inducted into the club, we actually now have to host the next staycation.

Nauvoo 09. Yeah.