Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Conversion Story

No, I am not going to get all churchy on all of our readers--I leave that to husband. I'm talking about a whole nother sort of conversion.

The thought of a trip to a Disney park has never appealed to me in the least. I thought I would end up paying a bunch of money to stand in line with other people's whiny children. The food would be expensive and not up to par for my tastes. The rides would not be worth however long I would have to wait before I got a turn. It was for all of these reasons that, though I was excited to see the Galans I was not thrilled that they wanted to meet in Orlando.

Until last Wednesday. I was right about one thing about Disneyworld. We did end up nearly breaking the bank on admission alone, but Jen explained that when at Disney, the dollar is like play money. But I was way wrong about the rest. Because of the fast pass that was available at most rides and the single rider line, the longest I had to wait in line was 1.25 hours for the brand new Toy Story Ride but the talking Mr. Potato head kept up entertained for much of that wait. We went to Animal Kingdom and Epcot on Wednesday and Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom on Thursday. Then we spent Friday at the pool at the condo and Alissa even brought the kids down to join us. My skin is now peeling off my shoulders.

I know that this post is getting close to being as long as some of husband's but here are some of the highlights from the trip as far as I can remember (in no particular order):
1. Seeing old friends who could never be replaced. I don't think we will ever have a social circle as great as the one while we were newly married in Utah.
2. The Eng children calling husband George.
3. Guitar Hero even though I suck and husband is only serviceable at the game.
4. The condo we stayed at, pretty much the greatest way to travel.
5. Going to the Orlando Temple.
6. Reminiscing about the good old days both from growing up times and the days in Provo when we were newly married.
7. Playing the game "Who's checking out Danielle" (the teen the Galans brought to babysit while we went out just the grownups at night.)
8. The fact that husband rode (and enjoyed!) the rides with me--even the fast ones.

We have not taken the photos off the camera yet so you'll have to wait for those.
We're already planning our next trip.


Alissa said...

dude. i totally thought of another story... remember the hymenally challenged girl who was trying to get pregnant. just hold up your pinky finger... then giggle hysterically.

ah yes. good times. i miss you already.

La Yen said...

Remember the German food? That ruled. We miss you (and Alissa) already. How about Euro Disney next year?

compulsive writer said...

I had a similar conversion at Disneyland earlier this year. Sounds like good time can be had in Orlando, too.

Mom said...

I don't remember Disneyworld being all that fun when we went. Maybe it could be that we were the ones with the whiny children. Or, maybe I spent most of my trip looking for my lost "oldest" daughter. Someday maybe I'll go back.

Coops said...

Noelle & I love theme parks, and did Disneyland Paris (I think that is what they call it these days), while we were still dating & loved it. We did Disneyland California several years ago (saving the biggest 'til last). We were really disappointed with it though, the queues were too long, and our fast pass didn't help as one of our favourite rides (Space Mountain) kept breaking down. We had much more fun at Knotts Berry Farm on the same trip.

After that trip I have not had much interest in doing Orlando (we already did Universal Orlando just after we got married). Maybe I need to be re-converted to Disney?

Roy @ CNM said...

Between you and Becky raving about Disney parks, it's as if the universe were conspiring against me. You don't have any idea how hard it is to fight with Summer on this when:
a) she grew up in SoCal with frequent Disney trips
b) her family is insanely into all things Walt
c) she's usually right about stuff
So she wants to go and she's sure it's a good idea. I can't hold out much longer...

Gretchen said...

Can you convince my husband that DisneyWorld is a good thing. He keeps putting it off. I have a neighbor that goes at least once a year.

Kristi said...

I am thrilled to hear about your conversion, good to have two more on our team. We are actually WDW virgins because since we bought our house we are permanently in the po' house.
I also agree with your #1 on your list...

John, Megan and girls said...

Love the count down. And, why were Alissa's kids calling Stewart George? Or did you have to be there? I'm glad you were both wrong about Disney World and you had such an excellent vacation! The only bad thing about your posts is that they make me want to go, and, ouch, I don't think the pocket book can take it. Maybe when John gets a real job.