Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Summer

Our summer is fixin' to be absolutely crazy so for fear of not being in touch until the fall, here is a little update of recent happenings and what we'll be about over the next six weeks or so.Our most recent set of fosters are now gone. I'm always a little sad and a lot relieved.
We chaperoned a youth temple trip in Palmyra yesterday and now we are known as the cool couple in the ward. This will certainly be an asset and liability in the future. Today we went out the Cooperstown area to visit friends. We leave Tuesday after work for Florida to see the Galans (including their 3 year old daughter we have never met) and the Engs (whose three youngest children we have never met). The weekend after that it is off to Boston to say farewell to John and Mia and boys. For Independence Day we are again going to State College PA for the best hamburgers I have found, EVER. And to see the Collins. The weekend after that we will be in NYC for a Mets game with my folks and to visit the Vogelmans. After that we will spend a weekend in the Palmyra area with friends from the Paris mission, circa 1996-1998.
A week after we get home from that I take off for my annual week in Syracuse.
All this while I am taking a class. Can't wait until I'm done after November.
And we're finally putting the deck on the back of the house. A deck party will be had once we are home enough.
I made my German Chocolate Cake from scratch just a few weeks ago. I will be doing more cooking come December.


Kendra Leigh said...

The Mets? What? Actually, we should probably try and get there sometime this season, too, since it's the last year at Shea Stadium.

Roy @ CNM said...

Makes us seem like lazy slobs fro not doing so much over the summer. Oh, wait, we are lazy slobs. My bad. Anyhow, when's your next trip to NM? And what are your thoughts on a family bash over Xmas somewhere warm?

museumeg said...

Your German chocolate cake was scrumptious!

Johanna said...

Hey! Finally a new blog-post, about time I say. That black little kitten is the cutest thing ever, almost made me want a kitten on my own, but I think Motley would eat it. Unless it didn't poke his eyes out first, that is.

I am listening to your muxtape right now, is there a second and a third as well? Maybe even a fourth? I have finally finished mine as well, I posted about it on my blog, but I doubt you're going to like it that much considering that our taste in music is rather different.

Anyway, I didn't mean to turn this into a public email. I'm glad you blogged though, I've missed your posts! Have a crazy summer!

Anonymous said...

We are so busy that we don't have time to make a post about how busy we are.

So there!

-Jon E
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