Monday, June 30, 2008

Disney, Mea Culpa

Like with most people my childhood experiences framed my prejudices and opinions. And for the most part I was right. Some of these opinions include the following: no matter how often you watch it Ghostbusters is always funny, radishes are the worst vegetables God created, and don't get too attached to your animals because your dad just might make them your next meal.

While the above are true, I was wrong when it came to Disney. I always thought that Michael Eisner would reveal himself to be the anti-Christ, and that Disney's goal was to subvert the world of cinema and create a child army to overthrow the government. In my early year's Disney's only redeeming quality was that their animated heroines were always scantily clad.

How wrong was I! Disneyworld is the greatest place on earth! I know that he told me I was wrong but I still am surprised that Waldo was right. As I'm the "Hobbit" version of him, I should have guessed he was right.

For the record no this was not a staged photo, we just happened to be wearing identical outfits.

By far the best part of the trip was the Tower of Terror...or was it Aerosmith Rockin' Rollercoaster....or was it the Safari? I loved it all, and the German beer-garden was tremendous. Thanks Waldo and Jen.

Here's some more pics:
If only we'd been in costume. Though I don't think the rebel alliance made uniforms to fit my fat butt.

However I could have given the midget in the R2-D2 suit a run for his money

How can you resist that smile. Jooj was very well behaved the entire time she was with us. What a camper.

Not to be out done the Eng kids were equally cute, although I don't think anyone would think any of the children belonged to us.

I guess there are three morals to our trip: 1. It is possible for me to be wrong!!! (I know, right?) 2. Vacationing is best when done with good friends! 3. People think a gringo in a Mexican Wedding Shirt is funny.

And since I'm waxing Latin in my Mexican Wedding Shirt here's a little Buena Vista Social Club.


La Yen said...

Cuban Disney Worker: We call it a Guayabera. How do you say it in English?

La Yen: Mexican Wedding Shirt.

CDW: But it is not Mexican!

LY: I know. They don't care.

We are excited for next year's destination already!

Roy @ CNM said...

Seriously! Stew's drinking the mouse's kool aid now?!? Now I'm sure this is just a scam to get me to fold. The only thing that keeps me going is the image of my kids running amuk in that place--I know I would turn homicidal on some random stranger. No one wants that!

museumeg said...

I wish I had a hobbit version of myself. Of course, I am kind of short so maybe I am a hobbit version on someone else. Glad you liked Disneyworld. I think the mouse's kool-aid has crack in it or something. I love Disneyland! said...

What the heck was that song all about? I don't think it would be much of a hit if they sang it in English.