Monday, May 12, 2008

Wait Wait Guess Who Got Tickets

We're liberal elitists. If you didn't get that by our rabid support for Barack Obama, or the fact I flaunted for several weeks our "Post-Graduate" blog rating, or by reading our tag line, I'd be surprised. In fact the only thing that separates us from the cloud of smug that lingers over the dreadlocked, latte sipping, Starbucks crowd is my inability to shake the frugality of my Scottish ancestors. If only I could bring myself to shell out the money for a Prius, than I too could join the ranks of the morally superior and look down my nose at the proletariat from my great and spacious building. (Wow did I just mix scripture and Karl Marx? Dare I insinuate that materialism is the great whore of all the earth? I think I just did! Take that Capitalism.)

Moving along, for which you're undoubtedly grateful, we've developed the following quiz. This way you too can know if you're suffering from a raging case of superioritis. Please note European elitism differs in that you have to be part of the landed aristocracy to truly be an elitist, or just French (kidding there, I love the French even if they did drive my ancestors out of their country).

1. Does NPR constitute the majority of your radio listening? (+1). If you are a member (+3)
2. When you get junk mail does it come from the A. Audubon Society, B. World Wildlife Foundation, C. the Sierra Club? (+1 for each) Do you get junk mail from Greenpeace or Planned Parenthood (+3 for each).
3. Do you compost while living in town? (+2)
4. When you buy a wool sweater does it have to be llama hair? (+2)
5. When you think of a "sexy car" does a Prius come to mind? (+4)

and lastly....

6. Have you ever been to see Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, live? +5

Well we have! Yep that's right we got to see the greatest radio show on earth recorded live at the Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady (10 miles from our house). It was awesome!! Of course making jokes about coming to Albany is like shooting fish in a barrel these days (our governor resigned for soliciting prostitution for those of you not in's ironic because he made his career as a prosecutor fighting, you guessed it, prostitution.). Still listen to this week's show, it's great.

Oh and your score totals: 0-3=The Gestapo did their job well in brainwashing you, 4-8=Get ready for dinner with the Rothschild's this evening, I hope your monocle is polished, 9-13=C'mon make up your mind. You can't be middle of road in these quizes that's just boring, try again. 14-21=Ah now you're in flavor country. Make sure to get out your birkenstocks and hemp pants now that it's spring. I'll see you at the May Day celebration. 22+=Comrade.

And here's a "What if The Shawshank Redemption was a comedy" trailer my buddy Tyler did.

Redeeming Shawshank from Tyler Jacobs on Vimeo.


Andrea said...

One of my favorite movies of all time (the non-comedy version). We'll be it Utah during this little mission reunion. Who else will be there? I can pass the info on to Soeur Wood (Whiting). Wish I could be there--I just wouldn't be speaking any french!!

Alissa said...

you're aware that you can only score a possible 21 points, right? of which I scored ZERO. but we can still be friends.

Douglas said...

You stole the liberal elitist title from me. I was already using it in our post about Wait, wait.

Oh well, being the elitist that I am, I still am going to use it!!

We are posting your pic too!

Roy @ CNM said...

This entry made my day. The first paragraph in particular is a fine bit of writing (you know, for a Pol Sci major...).

Wife of dastew said...

Liss, math is not something that liberal elitists care for. We prefer questions that do not have firm answers.
And another good thing about the show was that popcorn was only $1. Seriously, I wouldn't have bothered with dinner had I known. And the new movie theatre in town is doing $2 movies, popcorn and sodas.

Rick and Ryan said...

Well shooot...I only scored me a zero...guess that's a good thing though cuz that's as high as I kin count. Well, I guess there's nothin' for it but to go and shoot me something...'scuse me while I go git my rifle. I'm gonna kill me a deer.

Astrid said...

Compost, metal, hard plastic, glass, newpaper, other paper (letters, magazines cardboard and such), the rest of the burnable stuff, and then we have batteries, aerosols, light bulbs and things like that that needs to be separated as well. By law. Or we could be facing fines. Imagine what a great elitist status that would give me in America! While here, it just makes me like everyone else.

Sometimes (okay, only this once) I wish I was an aristocrat as the prospect of getting fines wouldn't bother me, actually, I would probably just flex my influence on the Swedish government muscles. Because, lets face it, what aristocrat would want to divide up their rubbish in an endless number of piles? Or maybe that's what the servants are there for. :)

dastew said...

ah servants...I think I have a new goal in life.

Jon & Chelle said...

I've never heard of wait wait don't tell me, and I've actually never listened to npr before. Maybe if it took me longer than 10 minutes to get to work in the morning I would flip on the radio, but probably not.

Sleepless Tyrant said...

thanks for the love! You're awesome!

Karyn said...

Man I am sure brainwashed...I had no idea! Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Can we still be friends? said...

Oh well, nothing new to comment on so I will have to say something about this post. I almost tried to come up with a conservative version of your quiz but I was too lazy for that. I have also been very brainwashed, but John did rent a Prius one time. We even talk about buying the hybrid Escalade...someday. Even though we have no one to haul around in it.
I request more Muppet Show videos. You could show Fozzie playing the Hungarian Rhapsody.

Waldo said...


I score a 3.

Of course, as your token representative of The Man, that's pretty wild. Of course, as your token Hispanic, that's pretty sad. Oh, well. That's why labels are ridiculous (even when you apply them to yourself).

That's why I am supporting and defending the Constitution, and nothing else. Because when it all boils down to it, all you liberal elitists (so-called) are nothing more than brainwashed stooges of the media... and wait wait is the most insidious example of media there is.
[-end sarcasm-]

Actually, I would love to see it live, although I felt the same way about Prairie Home Companion, and when Jen and I met Garrison Keillor after a performance in Park City, he ended up being a douche with a limp-wristed handshake. Seriously, like a dead fish. So I will continue to enjoy it on the radio, and save my disappointments.

Oh, well....

Waldo said...

And Astrid, although I don't know you, I feel safe in telling you that EVERY American wants to be an Aristocrat and have servants. It is the ACTUAL American dream. So don't feel bad.

La Yen said...

Is that from Tyler Jacobs that I went to EFY with?