Thursday, May 22, 2008

The First Church of the Internet

Each morning bleary eyed I arise from my stupor. Each morning I stumble out of bed, invariably kicking my shoes, my cats, my door jam. Each morning Wife and I communicate in grunts. "Ungh" I say with all of the love of the mute that I am. "Ungh" is the grumpy reply.

Wandering through the house trying to focus my myopic eyes I hope that the glass that I grab for my morning orange juice is clean. I have even more hope and prayers that the container I grab from the fridge is O.J. and not chicken broth. Pouring my O-Jo I return to the living quarters. There I set down my O-Jo as a sacrifice and bow myself before my great God, the internet. Thus I begin my day supplicating at the newest idol the earth has seen.

To which prophets of the new computer religion do I adhere you might ask? Well the number of their counting is five.

1...Our blog, just to see if we have friends. We know these exist because we get comments. Evidently we have ten friends.
2...Google Analytics. This way I can see who's stalking us. I know who our friends are based on #1, but I can't for the life of me figure out who our stalkers are from Minnesota. I figure our York, Pa. visits are ex-boyfriends that Wife hasn't told me about.
3...Next I visit my favorite liberally biased news. I need to be told what to think about things that I'm to lazy to research on my own.
4...Google Reader comes next in the pantheon. So that I may see what my friends have posted on their blogs. Also to see if there's anything new on the Fail Blog
5...Lastly I must check the nerd news.

Well now that you know my morning routine here's another 30 rock clip.

And for those not converted to 30 Rock (or out of the States) here's my new favorite Swedish rock band. Yes I know how funny that sounds to our American readers, but seriously this video reminds me of a cross between an Orbit commercial and what an Abba video should have been like. Enjoy Dungen.

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Waldo said...

I think you're safe from lightning for a little while. After all, you haven't spent 5K on a laptop so you can play WoW online all night every night, and you're not neglecting your family to write blogs about your family.

On a completely separate note, I love Tenacious D.

That is all.

Coops said...

Glad you decided to add some entertainment for your non US readers ... We got up to episode 7 of season 1 of 30 Rock last night - Noelle has now started to laugh a reasonable amount at it, then looks across at me each time to see if I am even slightly amused - it is starting to grow on me, but more like mould in a bathroom.
I Like the 'Fail' site, might add that one.
I must admit I feel slightly disconnected when I haven't been on the old inter-web for a while (like more than a few hours!)

Astrid said...

I tried to figure out who was who using google statistics for a while, but gave up pretty soon. I know that I have a lot of readers in America, and there is no way I know all of them because they come from places I haven't even heard of. Like Utah. Where the heck is that? I have never heard of it before, but apparently I have a ton of readers from there. And then there is Albany, NY.

Also. I understand what Dungen are singing about! Do you?

Karyn said...

Love the fail blog. Thanks for sharing that. I'll have to add that to the reading list for some extra entertainment.

Jon & Chelle said...

You should get a dog, then you will go for walks in the morning instead of being on the internet. And you'll go for walks in the evening instead of watching tv. Can I come meet the fosters?

dastew said...

Waldo-Agreed. That said isn't WoW the modern equivalent of D&D in the 1980s. Doesn't it encourage devil worship, bestiality, and other social ills?

Coops-It took me awhile to like it but I really enjoy it now.

Astrid-I have no idea what Dungen is singing about but they have great hair. It makes me miss the hair bands of the 80s.

Karyn-Yeah it's one of my new favorites.

Chelley-Just tell us when your flight lands.