Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Boston Tea Party's Legacy

Well after a few days of mourning we made a decision. First let me back up. As I mentioned before, our computer died. We'd been talking about a Mac for awhile. Wife's hesitancy was that once we buy a mac we'd have to "get all kinds of robes and lotions and we'd have to get thick carpeting and weirdo lighting. We'd have to get new friends. We'd have to get mac friends." Or maybe Seinfeld said that.

The point is that for a variety of reasons, not least of which is price, we've postponed our foray into true yuppiedom and stuck with a PC. My work contact at Dell was even nice enough to express ship it to me so that it only took three days to get here. Coupled with the fact that our friends Matt and Rhianna put up with us for a full night while he saved our hard drive everything is xp-tastic here at UsAndCats. I'm just looking forward to building a gaming machine with Matt one of these days....I'm a geek as the quiz below showed.

83% Geek

While I may be a geek I need proper geek fuel. But I get ahead of myself. As we get into the patriotic season for Americans everywhere, Memorial Day just passed and Independence Day is fast approaching, I thought it important to kick off the season right with a little history lesson.

Yes I know you hate these kinds of posts. Your dislike stems mostly because they're long and rambling and nonsensical...actually if you hated those kinds of posts you wouldn't read this blog.

I cannot help but rejoice in the acts of my patriotic ancestors; my literal ancestors were still for the most back in the old countries. In the mid-1770s the English colonists of the great city of Boston (Go Sox!) decided they'd had enough. Their yearning for freedom to wear big belt buckles and glut themselves on turkey the third Thursday of every November had led themselves to this promised land. Here the rivers ran of honey and delectable animals of the New World forests would veritably throw themselves down the settler's throats they were so easy to catch and eat. It was Eden, Nirvana, Shangri-La.

And of course the English ruined it. It wasn't the taxes that the Bostonians disliked, in fact they love taxes to this day. In fact it was something much simpler but more important. It was that the British ruined this fair land with an insipid grey liquid that they required all Charles River residents to drink every afternoon. Faced with the prospect of drinking the flavor equivalent of used bathwater each noon, the residents rebelled, hurling the filthy stuff into the harbor (interestingly it still hasn't recovered from this early pollution) and drove the British out of the New World.

Because of the noble actions of these patriots today we have the great joy of drinking what can only be described as the height of soft drink engineering....

three new flavors of Mountain Dew! MMMM....Geek Fuel!

Okay this whole post was to tease our European Mt. Dew junkies about not being able to drink these new sodas. Sorry guys. Even worse than this post is that we did actually buy all four of these Mt. Dews, my teeth feel like they're rotting as I type.

And now for something completely Canadian...and pertinent.

10 comments: said...

We saw all that Mt. Dew at the grocery store and would have bought them if we hadn't just purchased a case of Pepsi from Costco. (This is all for John, he loves caffeine.) Which one is the best?

Roy @ CNM said...

Three items:
1) Nice history lesson. What did you study at college?
2) Only 83% geek?! What's the other 17%?
3) At the Catherall festival, I caught Isaac drinking (caffeine-free) Dew. It's only a matter of time...And who knew they made caffeine-free dew?

Coops said...

yeh, yeh, yeh ... I know you are just trying to goad me - Only 7 weeks until fresh Mt. Dew supplies :) I am just worried that the 3 new flavours won't all be easy to find when I am over next, as they are only going to keep one of them - also I am not sure about the idea of putting ginseng in all the new flavours?

Also as a side note to Roy - both Canadian Mountain Dew and Australian Mountain have no caffeine in them (I did not know this when I drank 2 litres of Australian Mt. Dew while driving through the Australian outback in the middle of the night a few years ago - I couldn't understand why it didn't seem to be working)

I am actually trying to cut back on caffeine at the moment ...

museumeg said...

I found you guys! Thanks for letting me know about your blog. Now I can enjoy your mental wanderings...That doesn't sound quite right:)
p.s. we want a mac so bad!

dastew said...

Beck--I like the purple Mt. Dew the best. That said nothing compares to the convenient store up the street from work that had diet mt. dew on tap at their fountain machine. Ymmm

Dave--I was a poli sci major which meant that I could make history say what I wanted it too and the other 17% is a sports geek. That's a totally different type of geek.

Coops--We're picking you up some for when you get out here. Mt. Dew is best aged anyways.

Megs--Good to have new blood. I'll remember to link you here next time I update them. We're now up to 4 NY blogging friends!!! Amazing, Wife didn't think there were that many people out here that I hadn't offended.

Gretchen said...

Don't forget about June 14th, that's Flag Day!

Waldo said...

As a geek and leader of geeks, I have to tell you that Mt. Dew is so passe'. The caffeine transport system of choice now is Monster energy drink. The original is still the best, but you can get sugar-free, flavored with OJ (for breakfast!) and coffee flavored.

There is a war going on among my geeks, incidentally, about monster vs red bull. I leave it to you to determine the winner.

Jon & Chelle said...

I'm 38 % geek.

John, Megan and girls said...

I actually saw all of those Mt. Dews at GIANT the other day and thought of stocking up for the Cooper's visit in July. I'm sure we'll have enough for John to try out, and, it will be fully caffeinated. I can just imagine John's chagrin at realizing he'd had all that Australian Mt. Dew for nothing.

Coops said...

Megan ... Yes, Yes, Yes, everyone stock up on Mountain Dew and American loaded sugar products - I am on a health detox at the moment, so my body will be screaming out for all the 'good' stuff I can get in a few weeks time, looking forward to seeing everyone as well of course!