Monday, March 10, 2008

The Problem With Daylight Savings Time and Cooking

Okay so it's 1:15 AM (yes that exists) and do you know what your husband is doing? Nothing nefarious, or at least not in this case. I'm sitting here with my work laptop. I just finished writing a long email in my broken French, broken because when I'm sleepy I ignore things like conjugation and pronouns (which isn't too unlike my English now that I think about it). Now I'm debating whether or not I really want to start work on the flow chart I wanted to finish for work over the weekend. And before you ask, no this is not a sign of my devotion to my work, it's merely a sign of the boredom I feel on the weekends.

Of course I might have been able to finish my flow chart (seriously does anyone even look at them in the corporate environment) if not for the geniuses in Congress who decided to move up daylight savings time. Now I have issues with time changes in general. Mostly my issues can be boiled down to the following problem. Why is it 1:24AM at this moment today when exactly 24 hours ago the same moment was actually 12:24 AM? How can I have gained or lost an hour (I'm too tired to figure out which right now)? Why does this have to be so arbitrary? Most importantly of all, why would I be awake at either hour?

Now this antipathy I feel for Daylight Savings Time, and Standard Time for that matter, I don't want to discriminate, comes from a few experiences that have forever marked me. The first was in France, in the beautiful town of Soissons (see Natacha I mentioned it). This is a place of beauty and wonder for me, that will forever fill my heart with joy. Just look for example at the American monument at Chateau Thierry:

For me as I might have mentioned before, I'm too tired to see if I'm repeating myself, this was the place of generational juxtaposition. I was living in France relishing the freedoms of Western society and the Faith that my parents had found. Walking the same ground upon which my great-grandfather had fought and shed much blood. For me and my children that area will always be holy ground (if they don't think it is they're so grounded).

That said I first became aware that I hated time changes when one Sunday morning, a brisk and beautiful one as I recall, I arrived at church at my usual time only to find the building abandoned. Now I did have a proclivity towards being early so I didn't think much of it. However as the minutes passed into quarters of an hour and beyond, I began to worry. Had the world ended and no one told me? Finally a woman from the congregation showed up and seeing my perplexity asked me what was wrong. Explaining that I'd been waiting there for over an hour and that I was disappointed everyone was late she laughed uproariously and apologized that no one had told me to change my clocks back.

Fast-forwarding to this morning I'm sure you can realize the sequel. Wife and I awoke at our usual Sunday time, which means that we barely have enough time to prepare for church. There is, however, always time to settle down to read the Sunday paper. With sleep still clinging heavily too my eyes and savoring the taste of the wonderful blueberry cake that Wife had made the previous night you can imagine my surprise when I read the following banner on the paper.
A Reminder:Did you turn your clocks ahead one hour?

Well obviously not because no one mentioned it to me that I needed to. (We'll conveniently ignore the fact that I adjusted the time clock at work on Friday afternoon for DST) The result of this mix up is that I've been off an hour all day. This meant that I couldn't take the Challah (or Jewish Sabbath Bread) that I'd wanted to have done for lunch, out of the oven until Midnight. Mmmm nothing like a good hot bread at Midnight. It came out quite pretty though.

It has been a day in which everything has gone okay, just an hour later than I expected. At least I got some more Girl Scout cookies from my niece today. I love the peanut butter ones. Well it's 1:49 AM now and I don't think that sleepiness is enough a sickness to get me out of work tomorrow.

Here's a cool vid that Tyler turned me on to. The guy is named Matt Costa. Cool stuff.


Astrid said...

That challah looks great!
I like daylight savings time, because that's like saying it's finally spring, for real. And the nice warm weather is just around the corner. Also, it means the days are getting longer and that the darkness we are cursed with up here during winters is finally gone (for a few months at least). It's a very psychologically positive thing for me.

Wife of dastew said...

It's rants like this why I go to bed when you're up late.

Cami said...

i missed sacrament yesterday for the same reason - and that monument is lovely.

Roy @ CNM said...

Wow, what a convoluted post. I too despise DST, mainly because it's now pitch-black out when I leave for work. It's like we went back in time to December. Ugh! That said, it was worse in Italy because as missionaries you don't watch tv to know when to change your clocks.

dastew said...

Well it was 2am when I wrote it. Plus aren't most of my posts convoluted?

Jon & Chelle said...

we rely only on our cell phones to tell the time, so its a good thing those change automatically.

Derek, Mari, and Colin said...

Did you know the time changes at 2 am? I didn't. Not until this year. So when it's 2 am, it's really 1 am, or 3 am... I don't know.