Monday, March 31, 2008

I fought the law and the law won

As some of you may know, when traveling on the highway, my foot is often made of lead. I have caught myself going 90 on our way to Boston. I don't consciously try to break the law so badly, I just don't like to be behind other drivers. That, and I love the feel to power of our seven year old Hyundai. There have been a handful of times when I have zoomed past a state police car, feeling sure that they just clocked me going 80-something but they never pulled me over. Until Saturday. We were making our way to NYC to attend an art show that included the film of a friend of ours. I was driving so husband could finish his book for his bookclub. I wasn't really paying attention to my speed and I don't think I was going that much faster than other drives, but at this one instance I was traveling at 81 mph in a 65 zone. As I drove past the turn around and noticed the cop I had the same feeling in my stomach that I had finally been caught. When I noticed that I was only going 80 or so I felt better. I mean, I wouldn't get pulled over for going only 80, right. Surely they would wait until I reached the 90 mph point.

Then the lights started flashing, urging me to pull over. I had never had to do that. I didn't know if there were any special rules for when you get pulled over. Husband sat quietly, turned off the ipod and pulled the registration from the glove box. The officer asked if there was any particular reason I was going 81 in a 65 mph zone. I had control of my mouth enough not to say, "Because I had just had to slow down due to the heavier traffic. They really need to do something about that so this doesn't happen again" and instead said something about just moving along with traffic. He took my license and registration and went back to his car, presumably to check for outstanding warrants. He came back without too much delay and asked me to do him a favor and slow down. Which I did. So since I did him this favor and slowed down, does that mean that there is now a state patrolman in Westchester county who owes me a favor?

The City was good. We'll add some photos later, but for now is sufficeth me to say that I had a deep fried mars bar (much like a milky way) for lunch, and Magnolia's cupcakes for dessert. Even a ticket couldn't have ruined a day that included such goodies.


Alissa said...

phew. i had a very similar experience recently. i was doing 46 in a 30. i, too, had never been pulled over. i was also advised to slow down.

Jon & Chelle said...

So you didn't even get a ticket?? What a lame cop!! I demand he enforces the law to its fullest!! Also, I almost got pulled over on Easter on the way to mom and dad's. Who knew Heber is such a speed trap zone.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a frequent speeder and multiple ticket/warning reciever, welcome to the "other" side. I was always proud of the fact that I used to have 2-3 stops per year that resulted in warnings rather than tickets while we lived in PA. After following you from New Park to York once on the back roads, I am very surprised that this is your first traffic stop. Please drive carefully!!!


Roy @ CNM said...

It's a sign of getting older when you get warnings. I got two tickets in my younger days, but I've now broken even, with more lifetime warnings than citations.

That said, the best part of this entry is the reference to Stew's book club. I had forgotten all about that.

Coops said...

I have never received a speeding ticket (I am fighting my first one from a fixed camera back in September at the moment, they don't need to pull us over and we get them for just a few miles over the limit - they arrive in the post about a week after being dazzled by a flash)

That said I was pulled over 18 times in my first 12 months of driving and given what is known as a producer here (we don't have to carry our documents) - I did feel a little picked on.

The first time I was pulled over in the US I obviously broke some protocol by getting out of the car, so the Draper cop pulled his gun on me, and ordered me back in the car ... heh I didn't know I was doing anything wrong - maybe it was the Nevada plates?

I have been pulled over at least 7 times in the US.

I think cops just like the look of me (I have now lost count of how many times, but it is less often now I look old enough to drive)- like I said no tickets and no real reason for being pulled over most of the time!

mr. jo bloggity said...

Women need to get more tickets. They think they can get away with so much just by batting their eyelashes.

I hope Stewart is keeping this ace in his pocket ;)

dastew said...

I didn't even over react. I'm so proud of myself.

Astrid said...

So if that had been me and if I had been going 2-3mph over the speed limit the fine would have been $170. You're very lucky.

Also, deep fried chocolate is just wrong... sorry, but it's not for eating.

John, Megan and girls said...

I also have a lead foot. The only time I've been pulled over was going 80 on the DC beltway, which is surprisingly only 65 limit, or maybe it's even 55. Well, it was not a fun experience, especially since the state trooper walked out into the lane in front of my speeding car to get me to stop. Unfortunately for me, the Maryland state trooper required no favor, and I paid an 80 dollar ticket. You're way too lucky. John's only ticket came in NY state when he was only going like 78 in a 65 on the thruway I think. John asked the trooper if he would have pulled him over if he'd only been going 74, the trooper said no, and John reset the cruise control to 74. I think that ticket was about 80, too.