Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beneath the Planet of the Apes

I know I haven't provided you guys with your Forbes Fix in a long while, and I'm sure that many of you, like heroin addicts, are going into horrible symptoms of withdrawal. It's difficult I'm sure, I saw that Seinfeld. Yet for my part, I'll follow the example of many men throughout history and blame our long absence on my sister-in-law. In-laws are great for that kind of thing.

In truth we were lucky enough to have Wife's sister come out and visit us this Christmas. I think this represents a fundamental paradigm shift in our relationships with Wife's family that I can only hope continues. In lieu of our frequent trips to the Mountain West, they should now come and visit us! Otherwise how will our cats ever truly know their extended family?

Well with Michelle's visit we had an excuse to go and visit some of the cooler parts of the Albany area. For those of you who have never been here, you need to understand that this area makes the middle of nowhere look heavily urbanized. Because it's largely landlocked with the exception of the Hudson River, there never was a compelling region for it to develop into a hub of transportation. Indeed getting to the Albany airport (and I use the term generously) typically involves three changeovers and one horse drawn carriage ride.

That said the area has some of the best skiing in the east; yes I know that doesn't say much, I'd prefer all our Rocky Mountain readers to stop snickering. Yet because of the interesting nature of my childhood I never got to ski when I was growing up here as a child. So I figured at least with the Ellsworth's in town I could finally go to one of the mountains and if not ski at least go tubing. Sounds fun right? Well alas it was not to be. Criticizing my idea as stupid they displayed the snobbery I've come to expect from Rocky Mountain elitist and told me that they wanted nothing to do with my east coast bunny hills.

(At this point I'm sobbing on the keyboard)

So instead we went to one of the cooler natural features in New York, the limestone caves known as Howes' Cavern. While they're heavily touristized (to coin a phrase), there's something really intriguing about caves in general and especially those with an underground lake.

I did discover difficulties that perhaps you as my reading audience can help me overcome. Subterranean photography is difficult, you merely have to look at the pictures I took of this cave system to see that. How can you preserve the orientation of your camera when you review the photos so you know how to rotate them? Secondly what's the best camera configuration to take pictures in darkened caves? Please help me, I'm at a loss.

Howe Caverns

Also, check out our latest poll. I just added it. Pick the two people that you would most like to run on the US presidential ballot. I know I didn't put a complete list of all the potential president and vp candidates but I'm lazy, so just be happy I updated the poll.

Also check out the newly organized links section. Should make it easier for you guys to link to people you know.

Lastly, here's one of my favorite all time videos:


Alissa said...

i liked that in your poll, you can change your vote, as i seem to be doing, daily.

La Yen said...

Every time I hear of Ron Paul I think of Ron Jeremy. And I am NOT pro a Ron Jeremy presidential bid.

Jon & Chelle said...

I've cast my vote, wahoo! Also, we had so much fun out there over Christmas (or we ate so much good stuff) that we want to go back, Wahoo!

dastew said...

Ron Jeremy. Ha that's funny. Even more funny that you know Ron Jeremy. I'm hoping that you know him from VH1 and not his film credits :)