Friday, January 18, 2008

Album Covers

My good friend Tyler pointed out a fun new online game for us. We'll call it making the band.

1. First, get the name of your band: this will be the first article title on

2. Get the title of your album: the last four words of the very last quote:

3. The third picture, no matter what it is, is your album cover:

After that you take your results and photoshop (or in my sad case Publisher) them together to make an album cover. So here's my first four:

Panasonic Jazz Festival--What can you say about them, besides "honestly another compilation album?" But "Wanting What You Have" is by far their best compilation.

Casekirchen--Leading the frontier of Turkmenistani techno thrash metal their offering "not been said before" is surprisingly moving and introspective.

Sanglakh Range--This New Delhi Christian trio comes to us again with their anti-evolution album "that Darwin was adopted". And that's the nicest thing they have to say about him.

Tréflaouénan--Attempting their first English album, the French Celtic rockers offer up their Opus "shall not betray thee"

Okay that was a really fun game. I could waste hours doing it. Check out some of Tyler's albums they're funnier than mine.


Alissa said...

yes, the tag NERDINESS is totally appropriate here.

dastew said...

Yeah but tell me this isn't the type of thing that your husband could spend hours wasting time on?

John and Megan said...

I know I could spend hours wasting time on this, but will resist the urge. I'm trying to move out of my nerdiness. Actually, I have a question for you. Some of our friends are moving to Albany in May or August and would love some tips about finding a house, good places to live, etc. Do I have your permission to give them your email?

dastew said...

Absolutely. We always encourage people to move to Albany. Are they looking to buy or rent? Is this for school or real work? Just curious.