Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Facial Hair Wins in a Landslide!

So the votes have been cast, tallied, and confirmed. All the hanging chads unhung. The winner in a landslide is facial hair which beat out no facial hair 15 to 7.

This is a resounding victory for goatees, soul patches, foo-man-choes, mutton chops and the rest. Indeed it seems that scruff is mounting a global comeback to levels not seen since the famous decade of burns in the 1970s. So grow out your chops, handle bar that stache, let your pits go natural....okay maybe not that one. I think we'll make this a male only revolution.

Now here's hoping the Afro will make it back too!

(Look at me I'm a lumberjack)

Merry Christmas from UsandCats.


Cami said...

almost died laughing when i saw the mutated handlebar shave ;) - have been out for awhile - good to see you're still enlivening the WWW with your own special specialness ;) - now stew, really, you might want to consider fitting this into your relationship book . . . i think a conversation about hair could be quite compelling ;)

m3ng said...

Long live the Soul Patch! Keepin' it real

Jon & Chelle said...

I love little Fighter!

Mom said...

I really like the lumberjack look. Thanks for the Christmas gifts and if I end up a size larger it is because I didn't share the moose munch. The ladder, by the way, was a huge hit. Thanks for everything. Love Ma Turner

John, Megan and girls said...

Lumberjack Stewart, a look I thought I'd never see, but which is surprisingly natural on you. I would have thought the plaid would be a throw-back to you Scottish roots, but no, you're just a natural lumberjack.