Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Facial Hair Wins in a Landslide!

So the votes have been cast, tallied, and confirmed. All the hanging chads unhung. The winner in a landslide is facial hair which beat out no facial hair 15 to 7.

This is a resounding victory for goatees, soul patches, foo-man-choes, mutton chops and the rest. Indeed it seems that scruff is mounting a global comeback to levels not seen since the famous decade of burns in the 1970s. So grow out your chops, handle bar that stache, let your pits go natural....okay maybe not that one. I think we'll make this a male only revolution.

Now here's hoping the Afro will make it back too!

(Look at me I'm a lumberjack)

Merry Christmas from UsandCats.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thank you BBC, you saved my oven!

So over the weekend we were flipping through stations and landed on the BBC (maybe BBC America, but that doesn't matter much). It was showing a show (go figure, I know) where two British women clean a disgustingly dirty house. This house was horrible. The wife was no longer living there, she was staying down the street at her mum's, taking care of the aged, leaving her husband in the horrible house alone. Now, I think we all know by now that a man, left to himself cannot keep it all that clean. I cleaned husband's bedroom and bathroom (yes, those were behind the chastity line, please don't tell my parents and mom, if you are reading this, it was David who was behind the line in some girl's apartment) and fridge while we were single and it almost got the wedding called off.
The episode made me feel pretty good about the cleanliness level in my own house, but husband had different ideas and thought it needed to be cleaned anyway. So, "Woman," he says, "get cleaning my house RIGHT NOW. But first, bring me some food, preferably some meat still on the bone. But then, get cleaning my house."
As part of our pre-Christmas cleaning, I turned the oven on self-cleaning. When it was done, all I had to do was wipe up the ash from the bottom and find a way to clean the window. Then I remembered that on the BBC cleaning show, the British women used ash to clean a window. Always one to trust the British, I used the ash I wiped up from the bottom of the newly cleaned oven on the window and wa la.
So now I can get back to cooking husband his food.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Little Fighter

We're softies. Now that softiness does not typically extend to people who we find reprehensible and obnoxious. Indeed we would probably argue that there are significantly too many people in the world and that by and large they're significantly too stupid to feed themselves and offer anything worth while to the world.

Unfortunately this is where we come to the chief weakness in human evolution or intelligent designism (whichever you prefer I don't want to discriminate). Smart people understand two things:
1. The world can be a sucky place to live in sometimes. Why you ask? Well have you ever been in a situation where you're smarter than an individual who has authority over you? There's an innate frustration that accompanies this situation. I first became aware of this around 3rd grade when I realized I was smarter than my teacher. Since then, it's all been down hill for me. For most smart people this leads to sorrow.
2. Walmart.
3. With children you can't buy yourselves as many toys for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza/Tet/or Canada Day.

These point show us why smart people are breeding themselves out of the population, we just like things more than kids. (Note this is all tongue and cheek we don't really think that people who have a ton of kids are stupid (Husband here. I just think it's pure madness but I come from a family of three so there's that.))

All that said we love cats. They exemplify the qualities we wish more people would show. They're infinitely self-sufficient. You leave them for a week at home and they'll take care of themselves one way or another. They understand the joy of naps. They never talk back to us.

With this in mind we've started foster catting. That's right we've taken in two strays a female and its kitten (there are a lot of deadbeat cat dads out there). So with no further ado we present to you all, Midnight and Little Fighter (the little guy is Little Fighter).

Here's the link to the rest of the photo album.
Little Fighter Dec 07

Now for those of you who don't know where the name little fighter came from here's the video who inspired us.