Monday, October 22, 2007


First off let me say congratulations to the newest World Cup champs. South Africa defeated England in the Rugby World Cup on Saturday. Sadly I wasn't able to see the match but I did catch several of the first round matches on our satellite...oh how I love that thing. I have to say I don't understand why more Americans don't give Rugby more of a chance. It has all of the violence of football (again the kind with feet) but faster and more violent. Once you figure out the rules it's an amazing game. That said America's team was one of the worst in the World Cup this year. We didn't win a single match.

Second. If you want to see how inane a bunch of adults can behave after not seeing each other for ages check this out. And to think all of this happened without alcohol...amazing really.

Now for something completely different. Okay both Sina and Kendra have tagged us in the past year or so. I'm not very good about following up on tags. Kendra's involved a hundred things about us...I can't think of 100 things about myself so I'll just use Sina's which is shorter but does the same thing.

Jobs I have had:

1 – IT Manager
2 – Quality Control Inspector/ISO Management Rep (If you know what this is that means you're a nerd, FYI)
3 – Tech Support for Amway's newest online scam
4 – Research Assistant
Movies I could watch over and over:
1 – Serenity (It's awesomeness cannot be understated)
2 – The 5th Element (Again a Sci Fi film, but one that's totally awesome)
3 – Elizabethtown (Yes it's a chick flick but the soundtrack makes up for the bad acting and predictable plot)
4 – Ocean's Eleven (Mostly because it's on TBS all the time.)
Favorite TV Shows:
1 – How I Met Your Mother (best show on TV)
2 – House (He's as angry as I am)
3 – Mythbusters (I love this show so much)
4 – Dirty Jobs (Makes me feel better about my job since I never have to work in a river of poo)
5 - Avatar (I blame the Collins for this one but I'm addicted already)
Favorite Hobbies:
1 – Sitting around doing nothing
2 – Playing my PS2 (yes I'm a geek)
3 – Organizing my books
4 – Travelling
Places I have lived:
1 – Colonie, NY
2 – Argyle, NY
3 – Provo, UT
4 – Soisson, France
Favorite Foods:
1 – Homewrecker burrito at Moe's Mexican Grill
2 – Cafe Rio grilled steak burrito, enchilada style with black beans and green sauce
3 – Pasta fagioli at Lombardo's in Albany
4 – Moules-frites (A French specialty consisting of a big bowl of steamed mussels in a cream sauce with an equally large serving of french fries.)
Places I'd rather be:
1 – Paris, France
1a- Anywhere in Northern France
2 – Barcelona, Spain
3 – Dorset, England
4 – Middle Earth
Websites I visit:
1 –
2 –
3 –
4 – (yes I know they're conservative but I love their polling data)
Who I am Tagging:
1 – Panini
2 – Lissa
3 – TripleAught
4 - Collins

Alright that's it. We're currently in a hotel in Salt Lake City and have a ton to blog about but as Wife is already half-asleep...I'll leave you all for now. Here's some sleeping music. I love Belle & Sebastian but I can't listen to them when I'm sleepy and driving. Still they're Scottish so they have to be good. Sleep well everyone.


Alissa said...

don't you have a job?

dastew said...

You'd think that I did, but it seems I haven't been there in weeks and weeks. (Truthfully I've been there twice in the last week, so I'm not that much of a slacker.)

Alissa said...

we're just jealous over here... what with matt working 60+ hours this week...

Kendra Leigh said...

I think Barcelona should be #1 on your list! And what about New York City?! I know that's where you REALLY want to be!

dastew said...

blahh...why would I want to go Downstate? They're all a bunch of leftist pinkos down there who think roughing it consists of staying at a Courtyard Marriott.

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

Tag, you're On Notice.

Take that!

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

Nice Map widget. It looks like the one I have on Facebook!


Spencer said...

Stew! It's good to find you safe and sound! I miss France when I read here about how you are doing. (Wait; I miss France even when you aren't involved.) When will you be in Utah?

Cami said...

I tried to get your song on itunes - and it doesn't know about belle and sebast . . . what's the trick?
Also - it looks like you guys spend a lot of time at the park - because there wasn't just that first post. ;) you crazy kids!

dastew said...

Search for their album instead of their band name. Album=The Boy with the Arab Strap. For some reason Apple doesn't like the & so it took me ages to find them too.