Monday, September 10, 2007

Ode to 30

Autumn and I ache,
In my bones, muscles, and mind;
Oh Damnable thirty!
Haikus never made much sense to me. Unlike most western poetry forms there's no rhyme or storytelling ability. Perhaps the haiku loses something when employed in a language other than Japanese. Still it seems more like a literary form designed to teach abstract moral lessons, kind of like the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

Still the reason I start with a haiku tonight is to announce a tragedy. Time, that unstoppable force, the great riddle that almost cost Bilbo his life (No I'm not going to reference it, you should know it on your own! Shame on you for not reading the Hobbit religiously!), that great equalizer of men, has rendered my youth like a candle-maker renders tallow. He's left me a weak, dessicated, shell of a man, hobbling my way to dotage, senility, and impotence. Yes that's right, I just turned 30 and I'm bitter.

Okay I'm not really bitter about turning 30, it happens to everyone. Why take our regular commenter Roy@CM, he's ancient at the ripe old age of 31. At least I'm not that old. I am bitter however because of how we celebrated my birthday. I decided to do what my brother did when he turned 30. I got tickets to see the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway (baseball again our foreign readers). To make it better I got tickets to see my Sox play Wife's beloved Orioles. This was a risk free proposition because Wife would be happy to see both teams and I'd be guaranteed to see the Sox win because the O's suck as bad as one can suck (but worse because they're a team and suckiness grows exponentially when in a team structure). But sadly it was not to be.

Wife booked us a wonderful hotel in Cambridge. We had a gluttonous birthday dinner with our friends John and Mia at the Cheesecake Factory. No better way to celebrate your birth than by gorging yourself, especially with cheesecake.

Which brings us to a good point. There are seminal moments in world history. There is the harnessing of fire, the taming of the horse, the invention of the printing press, the time when some brilliant mind decided to use gunpowder to make fireworks. Among these is the moment when some brilliant man thought a whole restaurant chain could be designed around that most excellent of desserts, Cheesecake. To you good sir, I pay hommage.

In any case the next day we spent a lovely morning at the Museum of Science in Cambridge. Very nice though I thought the T-Rex would eat me.

It's a hands on museum so I'm sure I would have appreciated it more if we had kids. They did have an electrical show that was fun, though without the Young Frankenstein effects I was hoping for.

Then it was into town for a quick pop to the IMax to see if 3-D movies really are like giant magic eye movies (they are). And then we were off to the stadium. I have to say for a stadium built in 1912, it is in surprisingly good shape. In fact there's not a bad seat in the whole park. Not only that but it's holy ground. Seeing that 2004 banner...well I can say my wedding was better but not by much! Sorry honey but it was super cool.

The only bad parts of the whole day were not seeing my name on the score board wishing me a happy b-day and the final score. Otherwise I can say that my aged mind/body/soul are at peace for having made my hajj. They'd all just be more at peace if I could have gone Saturday and seen the Sox nohit the O's.

Here's a video someone put together from the game. Please note that the entire stadium sings Sweet Caroline during the 8th inning, so thus the song. I thought it fitting song for wife, even though she keeps mocking the fact that my team lost.


Wife of dastew said...

Hey honey, do you remember how Baltimore won that game that went to at Fenway? Man, that was awesome when Baltimore won. (Please let me have the few moments I get.)

GK said...

Happy birthday Stew

Coops said...

Happy Birthday for whatever day it was! Life ended for me at 25, but somehow I manage to fight on - We were in Australia for Noelle's 30th and went Shark Diving (it was also Noelle's first time going scuba diving!) - We will be in Kenya for my 30th (I couldn't have Noelle win on a better location for 30ths) - I am hoping Noelle has taken my various hints for what I want to do! It is hard to plan something on holiday as it is already great + what I really want (2 options) can be done in this country and close to home - we will see if she has caught on a few days after we get back. Glad you enjoyed most of your Birthday even if you didn't get that 'winning' feeling!

Roy @ CNM said...

Ah, the hubris of the Sox fan brought down by the inevitability of old age. And a victory by the lowly (but still noble) O's. I appreciated the riff on cheesecake. But for the record, in 2007 I celebrated not my 31st birthday, but the 3rd incarnation of my 29th, so, by my math, you are now older (read more ancient) than am I. Enjoy.

Alissa said...

oh geez... yer so freaking old! and moldy!

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

As time passes by
the summer leaves fade into
gray. You are now old.

Panini said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great couple of days!
Awesome about the song! ;) yay for the O's!!
What 3-D movie did you see?
And this was simply fabulous . . . "that great equalizer of men, has rendered my youth like a candle-maker renders tallow."

Astrid said...

Happy belated birthday. It seems like you had a great day, you know, despite being ancient and all. Oh, and gluttony is a great thing, despite what others might tell you.

La Yen said...

You are just one step closer to being the crochety old man who sits in sac meeting with one hand in his pants. Congrats!

La Yen said...

hey, its waldo. happy birthday. sorry about the sox. baseball is gay.