Saturday, September 01, 2007

A City Named Sugar

A few weeks ago I took a weekend trip to Idaho. Why Idaho? you may ask. Only a few things could get me to go to Idaho, namely a Napoleon Dynamite festival, those Idaho spud candy bar things that most people hate, and a sister who is about to have a baby. The third one won out and I left work early on a Friday afternoon and flew into Salt Lake on August 17. I got in around 10:30 where I was picked up my sister Michelle and her dog, Whimper #2, pictured in the previous post. She had already picked up a couple Cafe Rio dishes and off we drove, headed to Idaho. I'm always a big fan of car trips with the family (I'm itching for another cross country trip in a van. Dad, are you reading this?!) but we were both so tired, it was already past midnight in NY and we Turners like our sleep.
We stopped at a gas station and Michelle picked up a liter Mt Dew and one of those little bottles that advertises 5 hours of energy from a 1.5 oz bottle of something. Michelle opened it and commented on the vileness of the smell and then chugged away. Talk about determination to get to Idaho. Twenty minutes later we were both falling asleep though. Even an energy drink has no effect on a Turner who is sleepy. Being someone who talks gibberish in my sleep very loudly, I woke myself up a few times from saying some incomprehensible garbage. The fact that Michelle didn't even notice is a sign of her tiredness as well. The puppy had long ago fallen asleep on my lap (because she likes me best) and Michelle and I were not doing any better so around Pocatello we decided to get a room and sleep a couple hours. The 17 year old kid working the front desk of the Best Western was very helpful in calling ALL the hotels in town since they were sold out. When I asked him why there were no rooms his simple reply was that Pocatello gets a lot of tours. And all my life I have been going to places like Ogalalla, Nebraska and Salina, Kansas on vacation. So we went on to Sugar City.
We spent the next day buying baby stuff for Cheryl's still in utero kid and then playing with said baby things. I am convinced that the best thing to have when you are expecting your first child is two older sisters. So I will not be having any until I have two older sisters (Mom? Dad?)
Mom and Nate came up for Saturday and Sunday and I spent Sunday night in Evanston, stopping by to visit my grandmother. Mom and I spent some time at Temple Square Monday before she took me to the airport. People have told me that I'm crazy for going so far for just a weekend and some for going to Idaho at all but I wouldn't have missed it for anything in the world and I would go again if my dad is ever willing to watch Stewart for me again. He'll have to blog about his weekend while I was away some other time.
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Mom said...

We did have fun--we'll have to do it again. Benjamin is sure cute.

La Yen said...

There is almost nothing better than having a sister have a baby. Seriously. My sister swears she is only having one, so I am planning to switch her pills for Pez next time I am down there.

Alissa said...

babies rule. sisters are okay.